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One Week Later

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I'm back to my computer after being away for awhile as you very well know. I had the surgery on the 26th of January and was literally kicked out of the hosptial 3 days later on the 29th. It is now one week that I'm home, and only today to I feel well enough to contact my friends on this network.

Surgery was totally successful, though the partial turned into a total removal. RCC was larger than anticipated and there were offshoot cells so while in surgery the decision was made to remove it all.

But thanks to the shared emails of this group and to one member in particular i sort of knew what to expect (actually the pain was much much more than I expected.) But slowly it is abating.

More later.........this is just to let you guys know that I am alive, not yet kicked, but grateful and lucky and now I too am an "expert".

Ask away!


Uncle Bob

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Hey Bob,

I figured that that's where you disappeared to.

Sucks about going for the partial, but losing the whole kidney anyway. The pain from the partial is much worse.

Glad you're feeling better. Hope there's someone there with you to help.

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Hi Uncle Bob, I'm Maine and I just had Kidney removed on Jan. 12. I had a lot of pain also. Now I am wondering about mets, even though they said they got it all. Am I worried for no reason? Or could it happen? Where are you located?

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