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Some good news

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I had my first three month check up Monday (CT and PET scan) and am still all clear (CEA less than 0.5). Little history, Stage 4 last February with 2 mets to the liver, 7 months of chemo, RFA to ablate the final met in October, no chemo since October. I feel bad posting when others aren't doing as well, but I thought maybe I could be of help by giving hope to others. Don't always believe the doctors, they had all but given up on me last February. BTW- Looking forward to Vegas. Mike

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Thanks for giving us hope Mike.

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Hey, nice to hear from you Mike. Don't go apologising mate. We are all on the same boat and there is never any substitute for good news....Congratulations!!
BTW--if you are going to Vegas beware 2 beautifull ladies hangin off the arms of 2 guys looking like their dreams had come true.

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That is awesome, awesome, awesome Mike! Congratulations! You offer inspiration and HOPE to us Stage IV survivors. Please keep us posted with good news. I LOVE hearing good cancer stories, don't mind the bad ones either, but the good ones keep me going!

I hope you are out celebrating. It is well deserved!

Have a GREAT Friday (Wow, the week goes so fast?!).

Hugs and warm fuzzies,

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very happy to hear your good news. i hope to hear the same someday. i hope all continues to go well for you. peace to you.


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Congratulations!!!!! Good news is always welcome.

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Hey Mike...Congratulations on your good news!!! Don't feel bad about posting that, let's all celebrate together! My wife is stage 4, diagnosed last October, just finished radiation, starting chemo on Feb 28th. (Geez, I can't believe it's already been over three months since her surgery.) We've also been subjected to the gloom & doom of some doctors, but we're fighting the determined fight with doctors now who are positive and forward looking. Anyway, your good news gives realistic hope to the rest of us, regardless of our current situation.

Thanks for your good news!


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Hey Mike,
Thank you for posting your inspirational story! It is always a good thing to hear that someone is surviving tha Devil you are fighting! God bless you.

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