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Rectal Cancer

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Joined: Feb 2005

I am a survivor but have never located anyone who has or had this type of cancer. My oncologist at the UCSD Cancer Center agrees information is needed for current patients. Is anyone out there?

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hey jomose,
welcome to your new family. we have a group of survivors and caregivers, ask anything that you want. i am sure one of us can answer your questions.
all the best

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You came to the right place. There are many, many, many of us with rectal cancer -- I'm surprised your doctor didn't give you more direction. Do a search here for rectal cancer and you'll find loads of information.

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Stage 3 rectal cancer survivor for 6 years! Preoperative chemoradiation and 6 months of chemotherapy afterward. I'm all clean 6 years later, although I run to the bathroom more often than before. This is a great place for survivors, and there are many rectal cancer survivors right here! Good Luck and stay in touch!

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Hi Joan,
I am a rectal cancer survivor. Diagnosed Dec 2002. Welcome to this group.

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Stage 3 rectal cancer, 11 of 15 nodes positive, permanant colostomy, radiation and chemo post surgery. Cancer free 11 years!

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Hey Joan, I am rectal cancer survivor. Diagnosed 11/02 at stage 3. Now Stage 4 after lung met was found.... but other than that, I am doing great. I can't believe UCSD doesn't have more of us. I'm getting my care at MD Anderson in Houston... there are alot of us!

Let us know what questions you have. Unfortunately, you are part of a big group. But... misery loves company... welcome. jana

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Hiya Joan from your new friends in OZ. I do not have rectal cancer Joan but that never stopped kanga from helping out here. I was stage 2, surgery, 6 months chemo and now 1 year NED(no evidence disease)....in other words a "survivor".
Welcome to the "family" and that is exactly how things are here. There is a wealth of info here so tell us about yourself and don't hold back any punches. We have resident long term survivors here ready and waiting to support you. Read some of our personal pages then come in and tell us more of your details.

btw Joan ..Runnerz only runs to tha bathroom 'cos he likes jogging.
Oh..and we do have resident humourists here in the room to encourage a smile occassionally.breaks the ice, so to speak.
cheers, love and huggs from kanga n Jen

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Rectal cancer here too. Diagnosed at 20 in January 03. Chemo/radiation, APR and more chemo. Unfortunately, the cancer went to the lungs and I have been doing chemo/surgery ever since.

Welcome to the board! We offer hope, love and some great advice. Post anytime!


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Hi Joan~ Stage 3 rectal cancer dxd 5/04, radiation/chemo, surgery for permanent colostomy along with hysterectomy and vaginectomy, and some chemo post op. Just did my 3 month check with first CT scan. Waiting to hear the results sometime today. I feel better than I ever have in a long time... like since way before I ever knew I had cancer.

This is a great website. Great people!!



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Hi Joan, I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer at age 33. Did 2 months pre-op chemo and radiation. I have a permanent colostomy and just had my 6 month checkup after surgery and no cancer was detected anywhere. I was not aware of how common this type of cancer is until I met all of these guys. You have certainly come to the right place.

hapie2bhere; aka Jonna

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Hi Joan,
I'm a colon cancer survivor, and the only folks under 80 that I know who have or had colon cancer are all on this site! Great place, great people, LOTS of advice and support! Welcome. Judy

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Lisa Rose
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Hi Joan,

Welcome ! ! ! I'm a stage 3 , rectal cancer survivor diagnosed March 2002 at 40 years of age. It will be three years next month and all is well, music to my ears ! ! !

Stay Positive,

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Welcome to the group--I'm new too (colon CA). Scripps at Torrey Pines has a cancer support group. I've not been but have met the guy who facilitates and he seems OK. Sounds like a good group of people. If you're at UCSD it's just up the road a bit.


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Rectal cancer, first diagnosed 5-2003.had sugery in July. Early stages. No further treatment recommended. Then rediagnosed in Jan, 2004. Did chemo and radiation and then surgery 5-2004. Permanent colostomy. Had lots of problems. Then diagnosed for third time with recurrence in January,2005. How doing FOLFOX4 chemo and hoping that the tumor that grew where my rectum was removed will shrink enough for surgery. Doctors not sure whether stage 3 or 4 now. I haven't given up hope. I will fight this beast to the end. You must try to keep a positive attitude, which can be hard at times. The folks at this site have kept me going and encouraged me when I was at my lowest. Feel free to come here often. They are a great bunch of people who are like a big family, If you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them. Everyone here is very knowledgeable.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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There are loads of us out here! I was diagnosed stage three March 2004 and just finshed six onths post op chemo. Welcome to the group and feel free to elt us know more about yourself and yourjourney through treatment. we are all here to learn and support each other.
Welcome again,

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Hi Joan, Iam a survivor of Breast Colon and now working on being a Liver Cancer survivor. There are many of us here.

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