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As you all know, kanga gets a bit sensitive sometimes. So I want to get that way now. Some of us are fortunate enough to have carers...like my "angel", Jen
The following is for all those "angels" that look after us.--two statements.
1/ While I was doing chemo the nurses admitted a young lad(17 years old) who was transferred from the childrens chemo clinic. We chatted openly and I discovered he had a rare form of luekemia. He knew that he was battling for his life. He told me how much respect he had for his parents and his nurses and said even tho his chances were slim he wanted tofight to make all their wonderfull care worthwhile!!!
2/ I once asked my chemo nurse how she found the strength to come to the clinic each day and see so much suffering. Her answer.." because it is the patients we know we can help that keep us going........and the patients that continue to fight the battle knowing that cancer is a disease that can be beaten. Even tho some lose the battle we give then hope!"
Our carers are our "angels"
Our love to you all, kanga and Jen

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Kanga I am touched by your sensitivity! I'll bet you even eat quiche, don't you?!?!?

You and Jen are awesome!


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For someone new like me, all of your stories are inspirational. Sounds like many of you have gone through so much, and have maintained such great attitudes.

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Aw heck Kanga, I'm truly touched and I know my Bert feels just like you do even though he won't type. He has expressed it many times to me but the one thing that really sticks in my mind was right after they wheeled him out of a grueling 6 hours of surgery that was only supposed to take 1 1/2 hours, when he was somewhat coherent, he was asking for me and when I reassured him that I was there and grabbed his searching hand, the words out of his mouth were "Moni, I am so very sorry to put you through this." I will never forget those words until my dying day...such a selfless statement...put me through this! Here is this man that I love more than life itself who must be feeling like a mack truck just hit him, not stupid and has an inkling of what's going on and he's so sorry to put ME through this! It was right there and then that I made up my mind that I was going to fight right along side of him and we both have ever since....and boy has it been worth it.

Bless you Kanga and Jen for your thoughtfulness.

Bert & Monika

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Kanga, You put in to words what I exactly feel about my husband, Danny. He is my "angel". He takes such good care of me. I hate to put him through this and when I ask if I'm a bother, he almost crys and says no. My husband is a harley rider and in a motorcycle club, so he's not a softie. But....he is around me. He's the love of my life. And...we talked today after seeing the chemo doctor and asking questions we've been afraid to ask. Is he extending my time or going for a cure? To which he replied, "I am not God and don't want to be. It's not my place to tell someone how short or long of a time they have. We will try to shrink this beast and then remove it and go from there." My husband and I have talked about more in the last few days than we ever have. We have both agreed that we will take what time we have together and enjoy as much as we can. Also, doctor wrote 3 months prescription for zofran so i can order it through my company for $12 for 64 pills. Much better than $40 for 7 pills, huh? Anyhow, just wanted to say my husband is my caregiver and angel and I'll love him forever. Again, Kanga, you brought tears to my eyes. You just seem like you would be so much like my husband, as far caring about others. Thanks for sharing and making me think about how much my "angel" means to me.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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Awwwwww---now I have gorn all mushy n gooey!!!!
Stacy...Jen is the quiche fanatic...me?.ah just happy to be here eatin anything 'cept lasagna. And btw..I hates parmisan cheese!!!!yuk!(smells like something Sponger feeds to the fishies...lol!)
Howard.....inspirational is truly what all these guys are. Attitude is what Jen instils in me when I feel poorly and she gets a tear in her eye, knowing there is little she can do but just "be there for me".
Monika....musta bin the same mack truck that hit me!!..lol!. Although how mack trucks run under water is beyond me sweetie.
Of course it is worth the fighting Monika...someone once said to me the words, "'til death do us part!" Metinks you and Bert, me n Jen and a whole lotta folks know the true meaning of that babe.
Judy......you go grab that big "softie" n hold on with all your might honey. I would bet he would trade that big 'ol Harley for your love anyday!!
I am about to buy Jen another cruisin bike. Why..'cos I loves her so bad I would do anything to keep us both together..and that means both of us riding the road "together" and enjoying the pleasure of riding "together".
Hey...you should have seen me when I spoke to Lisa, Scouty n Sponger on the phone. I got so upset(in a happy way) I had to pass the phone to Jen while I composed myself. Strange how the "bond" effects us all!!!!
lotsa luv n huggs, kanga n Jen

kanga still thinks it sucks that yu guys get ripped off paying for your meds!!!!!

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I think this is why these boards are so precious. There is no way anyone who has not been through this could understand what it is like to love and be in love with, someone with cancer. The indescribable pain that we feel as caregivers is awful Of course, the high moments are wonderful but it is such a rollercoaster. Like Bert, my husband said similarly he is sorry I have to go through this and seems to be more worried about me than he is about himself.On a lighter note, I remember the day Mike came out of hospital after so many complications and I was running around trying to get everything sorted, he said " Have I told you how much I love you?" which was so sweet but I was tempted to reply "No, but this might be a good time to say it!"

Seriously though, if there was anything I could do to ease his stress and anxiety, I would do it. Thank God for this forum where we can share and laugh and cry together like we can with no one else!

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