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new to group

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Hi...was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer last April...on the 15th. Thought I had an umbilical hernia. Had been on chemo till Nov, when a change in insurance had me hunting for all new dr's. Have many questions...scared about some new treatments..ports, surgery and new drugs. At least new dr's are giving me some hope...last dr gave me 2 yrs with chemo.

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Welcome to our merry crew! You have found a wonderful site with well-informed, courageous, funny, caring people. I've received a lot of excellent, detailed answers to my questions here, so ask away.

I'm stage III (as far as I know--who knows what's around the next bend?) but there are many stage IV people on this site as well. You can look back through the old messages and see some of their inspiring postings.

Funny that the trauma of having to search for new docs ended up with a more hopeful set of caregivers. I think it's really important to find docs who help you to think positively and give it your best fight.

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Hiya from OZ and welcome. It would certainly be worthwhile to read many of our friends personal pages...lots of info there. Don't get too frightened about some procedures. There will always be someone here to give you the info you need and some can give a very detailed description of those procedures. We have all been thru many various tests etc. Some are not very nice but most are pretty tolerable. Hospital staff etc. are usually pretty caring and aware of the needs of cancer patients. It is a bit like doctors....they are all human and all react to our dx's in different ways. Some doctors don't seem real compassionate but I put that down to them trying not to become too personally involved. A lot spend more time on helping us physically but forget that our emotional state needs counselling too.
Do come back for ANY concerns.
cheers, kanga n Jen

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Lani2 -

Like rejoyous said - how serendipitous (I just looked that new word up and HAD to use it) that you found more positive practitioners when you had to change providers.

Everything for a reason...

Welcome to the semi-colons! You have found a wonderful group of caring people.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

- SpongeBob

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Hi Iani2,

I am a stage IV survivor as well! Diagnosed January 15 2003 with rectal cancer. My mets. are confined to the lungs but are very stubborn! I have had 3 surgeries, radiation and I'm on my fourth line of chemo. I had done bolus 5 FU, XELOX (Xeloda+oxaliplatin), FOLFIRI (CPT-11, 5FU, Leucovorin) and I'm now doing gemcitabine and xeloda. My cancer is still small and stable. I'm over the two year expiry date the doctors gave you and I haven't even tried the monoclonal antibodies yet (IRESSA, avastin and erbitux). There is so much hope for CRC survivors these days. Ten years ago, it was a different story. Most were looking at a premature death. But, today, mainstream and complimentary medicines can keep Stage IV survivors going.

Come and post often. This board offers great advice, a safe place, hope and comfort. It's medicine for the soul!

Be well and we look forward to hearing from you,

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lani2.......I am also new to the semi-colon family and I just want to give you a warm welcome. As everyone has suggested, you will learn a lot by reading messages and web pages.......I feel as though I am getting a second education in CC. Lots of terminology I have never even heard of.

I was diagnosed with a T4B StageIIB CC in Sept. 2003....had a successful colon resection, no mets, but opted for 6 months chemo (starting w/ Oxiliplatin, Leucovorin and 5FU) I had adverse side-effects with the oxiliplatin, so they switched me to CBT-11 after the 4th cycle. I did better, and was very grateful for the port that they put in. It made the process a lot easier......and I could comfortably carry around my fanny pack of 5FU. It all seems like a dream today. I have my hair, and my health and I am growing stronger by the day, but I can never forget the incredible journey this crazy and unpronounced disease has taken me on.

In this family of semi-colons you will find a loving and compassionate....and very empathetic group. You will also get a good dose of laughter.....humor is good medicine!

Stay positive! You're in my thoughts.

SweetLo57 (Lorraine)

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hi lani2,
welcome to our family of survivors and caregivers.
sorry you have to be here. insurance can be a big pain but we need it. scared hell we all are scared
but you sound like you are getting things going the right way and the dr's sond great. no one can give time limits, we have many survivors that have
gone beyond theirs. you just have to fight this with everything you have. we are always here 24/7 to help one another.
all the best

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Hi and Welcome. I'm also new and have found this group to be very compassionate and also show a great deal of comradarie. You've found the right place!

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Hi, Welcome to our group, or should I say our family. We are like a family. We all share something in common. If you have questions, someone here I'm sure has experienced what you are and will be going through. They are all "angels". We have to be here for each other. Again, WELCOME
Love, Judy(grandma047)

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Hey there.. just wanted to say hello. I am stage 4 also. Diagnosed as stage 3 in 2002 with rectal cancer. Then got a lung met last May, removed and then more chemo. Currently NED - but carefully watching and waiting.

Stay stong and don't let anyone give you a death sentence.... we fight the beast - no time lines!!

Welcome aboard - jana

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