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still in hospital

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Hi everyone,
I am still in the hospital. I am doing better though and had real food starting last night. I have lost 25 pounds already. Things are moving again and hopefully I will be home again soon. This time for good.
PS on friday it will be 3 weeks since my surgery, I guess I am a slow healer.

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Dear Maureen,

I am so sorry that you are in the hospital. Real food and bowel sounds mean that things are improving. Thanks for letting us hear from you. Hopefully, it will be from your computer at home next time.

Heal well,


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Hi Maureen,

I am so sorry to hear that you are still in hospital...you certainly did not expect this, did you? However, it seems things are improving now so you will be home soon. All the best.

Love, Ali

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thank you for writing. i was thinking of you this morning. Sorry it's been such a long ride. Glad to here things are starting to move.
keep us updated

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It sounds like things are now on track. Let us know when you get home.

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You are on your way out the door Maureen. Please take it easy. No housecleaning when you get home!!!

I too lost 35 pounds after 3 weeks in the hospital but I have gained back what I wanted to. I only wish I did some more specific exercises to get it back in the right places (chest and bottie). Needless to say it collected where I didn't really want it.

Keep up the good spirits and stay strong!!!

Lisa P.

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Mo, I remember weighing only 138 lbs. when I left New York Hospital on Memorial Day Weekend in 1999, having gotten over a blockage resulting from surgery, and I am 6 feet tall. It took me a month or two, but I got right back to fighting (or running) weight of about 170 quickly once my system kicked into gear. Just introduce those foods slowly as you recover. I made a big mistake with cantaloupe and salami. I ate Cream of Wheat with honey and milk for 2-3 days, then started eating peanut butter toast and some breakfast cereals. I would add a food a day if I could stand it. Little by little I learned what worked and what did not, although I still have to keep tabs at time (Chicken wings kill me but I love them too much to give them up!). I hope that you are up and around very soon. I am so certain that you will recover quickly once you get it going!

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Runner -

I know you only love those chicken wings because they're served-up at Hooters!

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Sponge....I've never been inside a HOOTERS...but after looking at your recent pics...I just might try their wings!

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Alright now, Mo... enough is enough. Jeez the things some people do to get out of dusting and changing the kitty litter.

No get your butt out of that bed and go HOME!

Glad you're doing better!

Don't feel bad about being a slow healer. I'm a slow learner. We slow folks need to stick together.


- SpongeBob

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Hi Maureen,
You must be feeling better if you were able to make you way onto a computer again. Sorry that things have been so slow, but it sounds like you are on the right track. Easy does it! Judy

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Hey MO: I need an update..what did you have done, and why did it take so long? At least you can still type.. Bud

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Joined: Nov 2004

Hi Mo,

Glad to hear that you're feeling better. That real food milestone is huge--congrats! Let us know when you're out so we can celebrate with you.

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Howdy Moe, hope you're up & out soon, you sound good though, food is a step up, you know, great! I too didn't know your surgey, etc, so best wishes for recovery but as all say, Take it slow the world is still there and spring is on the way! Hospitals suck though, hope your nurses are cool, I like the male ones myself. God bless and God speed recovery!!

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Hiya Maureen..better late than never here..lol!!!I agree with tha Sponge.....c'mon home soon gal!!
Now....go easy on the food(who likes hospital food anyway!) and don't try to eat too much all at once just to gain weight..it will come back eventually.
Thinking of you babe, kanga n Jen

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Hi Maureen, Sorry it took me so long to post. I have been praying for you though. Hurry up and get out of that hospital. We miss you. Hope you're on your way back soon.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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Maureen, I am so sorry you have had such a rough time with this surgery. Stay tough!!

I am glad you are starting to move along.. take it all slow and steady. Best luck to you. Hope you get home fast - maybe even for a superbowl bash? Go Pats!!

Keep us posted. jana

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