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gain weight

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Joined: Feb 2005

After the chemo treatment I gain so far 25 pounds and it's going up... I don't know what to do about it. Seems like I try to eat healthy food and cut fats and sweets. Can I take any type of diet pills or herbs? Please someone response with the similar experiences.

Posts: 13
Joined: Mar 2004

Hey, I gained weight also during treatment. I'm not sure of your treatment, but, I had steroids and they made me hungry all the time. I think that when we go through treatment we become very sedentary and that too will cause us to gain weight. I have read that sometimes the chemotherapy can cause your metabolism to slow down. So, I think (not a professional opinion) that there are many factor attributed to weight gain. I think we just have to really up our activity and reduce our food intake and maybe the weight will come off. Goodluck.

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Joined: Nov 2004

I finished my chemo for NHL in October and am having a lot of trouble with my weight. The steroids packed on the pounds, and I stupidly thought they'd melt back off once I finished them. Wrong! I just hope to start walking and exercising more as Spring arrives!

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Joined: Apr 2005

I gained 50 lbs after chemo, and stem cell transplant. I pretty much lost all of it now, but it had been three years. I couldn't exersice much in the begining, just a 10 min walk all I could handle. But, gradually over time I was able to exersice more and the pounds began to drop.
Diet pills are no good and don't work. You already have taken plently of drugs, the last thing you need is more chemicals in your body. It will not fall off right away just keep at it, and don't get discourage.

Remember you beat cancer so you can beat 25 lbs

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Posts: 6
Joined: Oct 2005

I had lst 20lbs when I first got sick. I have gained that 20lbs back and an additional 20lbs. My metabolism is at absolute zero, and I have almost no energy. I am back to work, and I try to walk at night, but I'm just tired all the time. I've lost 5-7lbs, but progress is SLOW. I had tons of steroids during treatment. And I think you're right, my metabolism slowed from sitting around being sick for many months. I've heard exercise breeds energy, but I just can't make myself do it. Anyone who knows something to help, please let me know. God bless you all.

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Joined: Dec 2005

Oh My Gosh! I thought I was the only person in the world who had battled cancer and gained weight. You always hear about people losing weight and I put on a good 20. I started with small walks and have been able to bring my energy level back up a short jog and a little weight training. I have taken off a few lbs but have a long ways to go. Considering whatI just went through, I am trying to get in shape as healthily as possble. Good eating habits and reasonable exercise. I think the key is to bring your metabolism up by eating small amounts all day, starting with breakfast. On that note, time for some oatmeal. :)

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