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Home From The Palooza ......

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Lisa Rose
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Joined: Mar 2003

Hello All My Semi- Colon Friends,

Well Andy & I made it home safe and sound from the Palooza. We had a wonderful time that I cannot put into words. Already I'm looking forward to Vegas this fall.
Bob a great Big Thank You, from Andy and I we truly had a great time... Lisa P it was great hanging out with you, I now know the second floor at the Imperial Palace like the back of my hand.
Kanga we want to thank you and Jen also for the lovely gifts you sent. Your kindness was very much appreciated.
Kerry, Kanga, Jen & Stacy it was great talking with you all Sunday. I hope our next semi- colon reunion will bring more people caregivers , partners & friends to join in.

If you go to my web page I've now added some pictures. Hope you all enjoy them....


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Lisa, I loved the pictures. It looks like you all had a good time. Wish I could have been there. Well, maybe next time. Vegas is a little far for me, since I'm in West Virginia, but who knows what the future will bring? Maybe, just maybe, I'll be cancer free by the next one and I'll be there with you. Love you all.
Love, Judy(grandma047)

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Joined: Sep 2003

Dear Lisa Rose,

I'm glad both of you had a wonderful, safe trip. I'm sure you did Canada proud:) Now what's this about Vegas... Perhaps I should go... Could Vegas handle two sexy Canadian women??? What hot, steamy long johns did you entertain the boys with? In Montreal, nothing gets the men wilder than a girl in a tuque. He, he, he. We'll have to find a way to mix it up in the fall!

Lots of love from your fellow Canadian,

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Joined: Apr 2003

Oh, get out you hosers... I mean really, teek ahf!


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Posts: 2599
Joined: Apr 2003

By the way, Lisa - AWESOME pictures!

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Posts: 348
Joined: Jan 2004

What wonderful photos and memories for you all. The bonding that is evident between you all is very moving!

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Joined: Jan 2004

Hi Lisa,

The pictures are awesome! Count me in for October.
I'm so glad you had a wonderful time.


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Lisa Rose
Posts: 591
Joined: Mar 2003

Hi Everyone,

Now that I've had 8 hours sleep I can function again, believe me that's the most sleep I've had since last Wednesday.... Not often to we get away with no kids and get to be one ourselves even if it was just for 4 days. To be honest I felt like I was 25 again , you gotta love it..... Vegas Here I Come ! ! !
Feeling so good after the weekend I joined back at the Gym today. If you could see all the young men on the Decisive, that would want to make anyone get back in shape.
Lisa P & Sponger thank's again...

Hope to see you all in Vegas,

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I slept 12 hours last night but still burned calories smiling the whole time. I can't wait till Vegas too. We got Lisa and AndyMan saying Y'all and they got us saying Love.....It was wonderful.

Great photos honey, but I think SB was hoping for a zoom shot of the Hooters Girl just with him.

Lisa P.

PS. Bud, we can't post the real photos!!!!! You will have to come to Vegas to see it all for yourself.

Lisa Rose's picture
Lisa Rose
Posts: 591
Joined: Mar 2003

I'm going to have the photo of the boys with the Hooter Girl croped and touched up. Should we use the blonde girl or the brunette , both are pretty hot. Or should I get them one of each, why not that's even better.

Bob your going have to send me your mailing address, Kanga if you would like a copy send me your address also.

Lisa honey would you also like a picture? I'm going to do a package with all the pictures for you, so it's no problem...

Talk To You Y'all Later,
Baby Lisa.
( scouty is older then I ) ha! ha!

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Hiya Lisa---metinks you must have partaken too much "mineral water"....lol!!!! You have already sent me pics...you have got my email addy!!!!
I was wonderfull to get to talk to "y'all" As you know I got a little "sentimental" on the phone. Got so choked up I had to put Jen on the line for a mo. We were so thrilled to see you guys enjoying yourselves and hope that the love and support you have enjoyed remains for all time.
Sponger.......you can turn off the mini-cam in little kanga lifesaver.....would'nt want his batteries to go flat before Vegas..lol!!!
To see the four of you together brought tears to our eyes!!!!!!!
Scouty....we really did enjoy talking to you. We are so very happy you too were also able to be with those guys....you look so happy in the pics sweetie.....love and huggs to you from us.
All our love, Ross and Jen

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