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This chemo is tough!!

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Hi all, Started the new chemo last week. Did pretty good the days I took it because they gave me anti nausea meds with it. Then Sunday night I got terribly sick. Nausea, vomitting and diarehea, all at once. I went to the hospital as my chemo doctor ordered and had IV fluids and IV anti nausea meds. I feel much better. They put me on zofran. It was $360 for 7 pills. With my insurance I still had to pay $40. That is ridiculous. What do people do that don't have insurance? I feel so bad for them. Well, say a few prayers for me. i don't want to stay sick the whole time. I also got my staples out yesterday from where they put the infusaport in. It's a lot different than the Hickman cath I had. This one is completely under the skin, which is much better. My surgeon wants to see me in six weeks, hoping that the chemo will have shrunk the tumor by then. I hope he does surgery and removes this beast at that time, but I don't know yet. Just keep me in your prayers, as I do all of you. Love ya guys. Couldn't make it without you.
Love, Judy(grandma047)

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Dear Judy..

This whole cancer thing sucks! I'm 37 and have stage IV colon that spread to my liver...have a porto-cath under my right chest...I did real well on Oxaliplatin for 8 rounds, got 95% of it, only to have it start growing again...on my 3rd regimin of chemo...I wont give up, but I'm scared...Dont you give up, keep on fighting!!

Yes, the whole financial aspect of it sucks...lucky for me, I have the means to do everything I ca, but god help the folks who dont, such as those who have insurance...My new chemo is in a pill form and cost me 25.00 but the retail on it was 2250.00...yikes! As far as the Zofran, aske you Oncologist if they have any samples, I got alot from mine and the insurance company would only authorize a certain amount per 30 days...

God Bless

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Hi Judy,
Glad to see that you are feeling well enough to post. I was really glad to have my port for my last 3 rounds of chemo; and the port feels more comfortable as the skin around it heals. Zofran is a wonderful drug for nausea. My onc had samples that he handed out, too.
Hope the chemo goes better for you with the meds. Keep letting them know if you get any side effects. I think of you often, and keep you in my prayers. the other Judy

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Hi Judy,

I'm hoping this chemo is your answer. Thinking of you and wishing you well.


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It has been three and a half years since I finished my raditation and chemo treatments. The most wonderful words was when my doc pointed at my port and said' "let's take that thing out". Your day will be soon.

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Judy, I'm so pleased that you had the energy to write and tell us how it's going. Zofran is a miracle drug. I feel so fortunate that it was invented in time for me to do chemo with its help. I sometimes supplement it with compazine. It's okay to take both at once. Also, because the zofran is so expensive I use compazine alone when I don't feel I need the whole major effect of zofran.

Stay strong. We're pulling for you.

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Judy....keep telling yourself that the chemo is tolerable...it is going to do you good..and it almost certainly is better than some of the real bad stuff you have already coped with up 'til now!!! Going back a while you were totally fed up...I know this. Keep up the nausea meds sweetie...YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!
lotsa luv n huggs, kanga n Jen

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Hi Kanga, Yes, I CAN DO IT!!!! I WILL DO IT!!!! No if's ands or but's(sorry about the pun). Yes, I was pretty well fed up not long ago. I still have my days, but prayer and loving caring friends and family are helping me to find "my way back". I will do this for me and for them. I want to see my grandkids grow up. That's my goal. The twin grils are 4 and my grandson is 6, so that's a lot of years. LOL. Love ya and Jen. You have always been here for me and encouraged me to keep on keeping on.
Love ya, Judy(grandma047)

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