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Thank you...

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Hi everyone. Thank you for the kind welcome comments and answers to my question. I've already discovered the "bathroom diet". I was hoping to regain the weight lost from purges for the colonoscopy and surgery, and not eating after the surgery. But haven't seemed to be able to add more than a pound or two of the 10 I lost during that time.
Forgot to mention the reason I had the colonoscopy in the first place was they found blood in my stool during a routine workup. With my fathers history they took the best approach and ordered the scope. Most of the time I feel incredibly fortunate that they caught it when they did--as you all know there are no symptoms. Lately, however, I've been struggling with the emotional issues of cancer, so just started speaking with a counsler who has experience with cancer patients.


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Hi Howard. Sorry I missed your first post but wanted to make sure you are getting your siblings on board with a colonoscopy. With you and your Dad, I highly recommend it. Normally, insurance won't pay for it until you turn 50, but since they would be in a high risk category, all they need to do is get their primary care doctor to recommend it and insurance will pay. Now that we know that 95% of colin cancer is missed by the fecal occult testing, colonoscopy seems to be the best test!!!!

Congrats and you are very fortunate to have caught it so soon. I think you know that.

Lisa P.

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Howard -

Just a thought, if you're looking to add weight, I would suggest you consider drinking supplements like "Ensure" or similar "meal drinks" in between your regular meals. Of course, your body may have found a "comfortable" weight and you're actually where you should be.

"Food" for thought.


- SB

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Hi Howard,

Yes, the emotional side is huge. What has really helped me is to think of the cancer as an opportunity to rethink my life's priorities, both on a large and small scale. Talking to a counselor seems like a great way to start doing that.

Whether or not we have cancer, nobody ever knows how much time they have left on the planet. Life is full of surprises. There are actually times when I feel fortunate to have received this wake-up call to start living my life more appreciatively. You know? All we have are these little individual moments. Might as well be awake for them.

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Smart man. You recognized you needed a little boost and went to someone for help. The weight will come back. I am sorry to say that mine came ALL back. I have no desire to use the bathroom diet again. :-)

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Hiya Howard.......no shame in seeing a councillor mate. Helped me no end!!!Unfortunately the demon we have lurking within leaves us pretty well mindfull of cancer all the time..you are no orphan there mate. The load on ones mind becomes pretty soul destroying....many times I wonder myself...why bother? Then I think of the many who are worse off and kick myself. You know, no matter how hard things are the guys here always remind us that we ALL have issues and we are ALL entitled to vent. So I do occassionally Howard...and so should you. The fear never leaves us but we take comfort in each other. Be kind to yourself buddy,
cheers, kanga n Jen

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