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Finshed bloody chemo!

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Well, haven't posted for a while so thought it was a good chance for an update. finished my six months of chemo on friday gone and am starting to be able to see the other side of all this. still need my op to reverse my ileostomy and have some mixed feelings that others have described well about now not doing any hting active to prevent the bugger coming back but overall I see it as another step back to normality.

I have learnt so much through out this journey and so much from using this site. I have found strength to be able to cope with things I would have doubted I could. I have continued to work as a doctor throughout these treatments and have a far greater understanding of what it is like to be a patient and appreciate now that as a doctor I am here to serve patients and not the other way around. A very humbling lesson to learn the hard way!

Anyway life is beginning to get a semblance of normality again and my wife and I are starting to have moments of forgetting all this and enjoying things again. Or son (now eight months old and born the day after I finished radiotherapy)is a source of constant joy and inspiration. his cheeky smile has got me through some of the darkest times. You guys too have played that role and I thank you all for that.

Now that the nausea is fading I will tonight be drinking a toast to all of our futures. I hope some of you can join me in this toast.


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Steve -

A good sailor never misses a toast. Count me in.

Congratulations on finishing your chemo!


- SpongeBob

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I'm still on chemo so I'll have a non-alcohol toast. To you, Steve! I appreciated what you said about how the journey has made you a different kind of doctor. Your patients are lucky.

Congratulations on seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck on the next steps and keep letting us know how things go from here.

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Way to go Dr. DAD!!!!!

Lisa P.

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Steve, ditto!
I agree. The best thing I can do with this experience is use my knowlegde to help others with a true empathy. I also am faculty at the medical school, trying to teach new doctors some of the same.

It is a tough road, but we are all better for traveling it. (4 wheel drive recommeded).

Congrats on finishing!! Drink up - I agree with SB - and will be joining you!!

Simply remember to cherish every moment with all the people you care for. Make this world a better place... make it all worthwhile.

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He's already 8 months!? I still remember your prengant wife posting her first msg. Geez - I've been lerking on this board for a looong time.

Congrats on finishing chemo!!!! I'm rasing my glass to you!



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woo hoo!!! COngratulations to you and enjoy that little boy!


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Great news, Steve...Congrats to all of you for having weathered this storm. Welcome to the waiting room, all in all a much easier spot than active treatment. I'm now six months out from chemo, and still continue to feel better as time goes on.
Enjoy your little one...we'll be sending my "little one" off to college next year; cherish the time, it goes by quickly. Judy

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy for you. I will definitely be raising a glass in honour of this joyous occasion. Best wishes,

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Congrats on your completion of chemo. It is a great feeling I know. Please keep in touch. Livin

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Hi Steve,

I was wondering how things were going with you. Congratulations on your milestone. Completing chemo certainly calls for a celebration. I'm tipping my green tea to you.

Enjoy your family and your practice.


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hey steve,
congrats on finishing chemo i finished mine on 1/19. 6 months of 5fu/leu once a week. cheers to you.
all the best

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Steve...AWESOME JOB! Finishing a course of chemotherapy is a huge accomplishment. I was so happy after my last infusion of 5-FU that I cried when they took the needle out of mmy arm! It got so tiring at the end...like you, I endured almost a full year of treatment, surgery, then treatment. When I was finished with chemotherapy it took a few weeks, and then I started to bounce back in full. I finished just before Christmas in 1999 and looked and felt good by the time I appeared on the TODAY Show in March for a piece on colon cancer. And yes, I did get to be interviewed by Katie Couric! Anyway, great job! Keep living, excercising and doing life right, and you will do great!

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CONGRATULATIONS.......Steve on finishing your chemo. I start mine again in the next couple of weeks so I can toast with ou for now. Here, here.....and CHEERS!!! Stay well and God bless you and your family....

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