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back to mayo again

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hello all. i am still recovering from my right thoracotomy which there was four suspicious spots and 3 were cancerous but that was all in that lung. on feb 25th i will back in surg again(that is if nothing shows in scan on 24th) for the left side which presents with 7 suspicous spots. my surgeon has made it clear that we are pushing the envelope here but there is nothing else in my body(i also had a pet ct) except for those lungs. i hope after this surg this is an end to my nightmare as it is hard to watch my husband and 5 and 7 yr old wonder what is happening. over all i feel well and was hoping that all this surg would at lease produce some weight loss but nope still holding steady at overweight. hopefully i will be getting a computer soon so i can keep in better touch. i am more than ready to take this challange on though sometimes it can make me so physically exhausted. thank you all in advance for your words of encouragment and prayers. take care all and i will be in touch soon.


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Nettie -

Great attitude, girl! Slay that dragon!!

As for the "overweight" - don't worry about that right now. After surgery, I would recommend you consider joining a gym. It's better and more motivating to work out with others - maybe check out an aerobics class or two. You know a good 20-30 minute aerobic workout 3-5 times a week will not only help you lose the weight you bemoan, but it will also help your lungs recover and work more effectively for you. Obviously you should talk to your doc about when would be a good time to start an exercise program and perhaps get some suggestions from him/her, but it would probably do you a WORLD of good!

Yes, I know it costs money, maybe like $50/month, but the benefits far outweigh the costs and you might even be able to get a tax deduction on it.

Food for thought in the future as you get ready to take up your sword again. Go get 'em, Nettie!

- SB

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Way to do it Nettie!!!!! Nuke the ******* cells!!!! I have joined a local Y and my employer actually helps pay for it. I didn't even know until I signed up.

Please keep us posted and keep that "tude".

Lisa P.

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"my employer actually helps pay"

You have a job? And here I thought you were independently wealthy.

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You ROCK, Nettie! Go, dragon-slayer.
As for the weight -- that can wait (ha ha).

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hi nettie,

make sure you remind us when it gets closer to your surgery date so we can "prayer chain" your surgery time, ok?

peace, emily

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I love your positive spirit. I'm visualizing you happily working out in the gym. Soon!

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