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Hi, I'm new too...

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Hello everyone. I'm new and want to introduce myself to you. The third week of December I had a colonsocopy (my first) and they found a lesion. I met that same day with the surgeon and he was able to schedule surgery for the following week. So...the last week of 2004 I had a right hemicolectomy. They staged the cancer as 2a and said surgery was all I needed.

I have a question...are there others with stage 2 colon cancer who only had surgery (no chemo)? If so, how are you doing and how long since you were diagnosed?

Also, my dad was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer 4 years ago. He went through surgery and chemo and is doing fine (relatively).


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Ahoy, Howard -

Welcome to the Semi-Colons.

To be honest with you, it is fairly common practice to skip the chemo for stage 2. If there is no visceral invasion and the tumor(s) was completely contained in the colon, they consider it a surgical cure. I know a number of folks who are stage 2 with no chemo.

Just keep up good surveillance and listen to what your body tells you. Don't hesitate to go back to your doctor if something just doesn't "seem" right.


- SpongeBob

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Dear Howard,
Welcome. I'm glad to hear you are past the surgery, the NG tube,etc. Now you are ready for the new way to lose weight....running for a bathroom. All of us have had to do it in one form or another, so check in for support here, there is plenty.
SpongeBob is right (he's always right) it is not uncommon to skip chemo for Stage 2a. I was staged at 2b and had a 3 month regimen after surgery, however I had chemo and radiation before surgery as well. Frankly, after they have been in there and looked around they are in a lot better position to tell you what's up...or down.
Be sure to watch for problems and aggressively seek opinions and treatment. Also, take your metamucil, it really does work.


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Welcome Howard! How lucky that they found the cancer at Stage 2 and no need for further treatment other than surgery. As SB and Johnom say, be vigilant and don't hesitate to contact your doctor if you are concerned about any possible symptoms...better to be safe than sorry.

And johnom, I do wish I could get my husband (Dx Stage 111 ,T3, N3 in July 2003) to take Metamucil to cut down his visits to the bathroom. Having been admitted for a blockage over a year ago, post radiotherapy, and caused mostly by high doses of morphine for bladder spasms (another problem he had) he is scared that the Metamucil might block him again...it was a horrendous experience. However, I would make sure he starts with a small dose and increases very cautiously.

I am still going to try to convince him!


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Hi Howard,

Welcome..In June of 2000 they discovered a lesion in my transverse colon during a routine colonoscopy. I had a resection and was told by an oncologist that I didn't need chemo..I was glad at the time but then later wondered if maybe I should have. So far things have been good I've had my anual colonoscopy every year since the surgery but, last year the surgeon said I could wait two years for another one. It will be five years in June of this year. Enjoy everyday, there is a light at the end of the tunnell. Good luck.


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Hi Howard,

Welcome! You've found a great place with a lot of well-informed, big-hearted people. The only thing I'd add about skipping chemo is that I did have a second opinion on my cancer (stage 3) and its treatment, and the fact that everything lined up made me feel extra-confident that I was making the right decision.

I also just wanted to congratulate you on getting that colonoscopy in time to catch your cancer so early. I wish you all the best in your recovery and your continued vigilance in listening to your body.

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I am very new to this website also and it has been a great help. I had stage 1 colon cancer and I had chemo and radiation prior to surgery. I know other people here in my town that only had chemo after surgery. Sometimes I wonder if we are all just a guinea pigs. oink oink

Sorry you had a reason to come here, but I'm glad you found us.

hapie, a/k/a Jonna

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Hiya Howard..I am a stage 2 "survivor". Not sure about the "a or b" bit tho. My cancer went thru the bowel wall just above the sigmoid colon. I was dx'd aug. 03, then surgery followed by 6 months of 5fu/leucovorin. I was told I could have a choice whether to do chemo or not but my oncologist recommended that I do it....so I did. I was told that the chemo added about 3% to the current survival percentage(statistically speaking!) I am now almost 1 year into remission.
It is fairly common here in OZ for chemo to follow stage 2...was not always that way.
cheers, kanga n Jen

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Hi Howard!

At the Mayo Clinic they only do surgery for stage 2--no chemo.

I was Stage 3 lymph pos and did not do any chemo. I only had surgery.....BUT I did plenty of healing using Eastern Medicine aka Alternative Medicine. Just no chemo. Still alive and kicking after 3 years.....

Did an overhaul in the diet department, juiced fresh organic veggies daily and take umpteen supplements consisting of vitamins, herbs and digestive enzymes, probiotics and such.

Sounds like they caught it early for you!

peace, emily the resident nag to get off sugar!!

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