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help for mother in law

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My name is Danny and I'm a testicular cancer survivior (5 years and counting). I'm hoping to get some help for my mother in law. She was diagnosed with colon cancer about a year ago, underwent surgery followed up with chemo (not sure which drug). She then went four months without proper follow up (her new oncologist seems to think she slipped through the cracks somehow) and the cancer came back in Nov 04. It had spread to her lymph nodes and liver and she had two nodes removed. Last week she had bad intestinal pains. She underwent more surgery, removing part of her intestines, and they removed 90% of the tumor. The other 10% was too dangerous to remove as it is now attached to her heart. To make things worse, she has a blood clot in her heart which almost killed her last week. She's now on blood thinners to hopefully disspiate the clot, and she can then start a new round of chemo. After reading about it, my wife and I have encouraged her to start mental imaging therapy. It's basically a way of thinking the tumor away. Sounds hard to believe but we don't know of many other options. Has anyone beaten the odds at such an advanced and complicated stage. I'd love to hear any encouraging stories to pass along. Thank you.

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Hi Danny,

sorry to hear about your MIL. Great for you about your 5 yrs!

There was a woman in my homeschooling group whose son had tumors that had adhered to major organs. They could not be removed since they had these tenticle-like growths. They sent the boy home to die (this was Mayo so you know they did "everything they could"). But LeAnne was not willing to allow her baby to die.

By certain circumstances she was introduced to juicing and mega-supplements and decided they didn't have anything to lose by trying it since Mayo expected her son to die. She begged a doctor to insert a tube into his stomach and they juiced him fresh organic veggie juices all day long and pumped it directly into his stomach (I think he was about 2 yrs old). they also crushed up vitamins and minerals and did the same. He is STILL alive today and that was about 10-12 years ago.

She wrote a book about it called Your Child Doesn't Have to Die by Leanne Sorteberg. She was heavily influenced by another book called:

A CANCER BATTLE PLAN by Anne Frahm which you can get at Barnes and Noble. There is also a Cancer Battleplan Sourcebook written by her husband David. This woman had battled cancer for years and did every kind of treatment Western med had to offer. She, too, was sent home "to get her affairs in order". She discovered juicing and lived to see her cancer healed!!!

Anyway...back to Leanne's son. I tell you this story because his tumors died and became encapsulated and the tenticles retreated off the organs.

Since your MIL is dealing with her heart you really may want to look into this kind of treatment! It is NON-TOXIC.

I am a Stage 3 lymph pos zero mets colon cancer survivor of 3 years and I did NO chemo and only juiced and did mega supplements and dietary measures amongst other things like Traditional Chinese Medicine and herbs and acupuncture. So I can so relate to your pursuing visualization.

Have you read Spontaneous Healing by Dr. Andrew Weil??

I hope this can be of help to your MIL.

peace, emily who did much of what you speak of! the mind is a powerful weapon!

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And this past summer he rode with Lance Armstrong in Ride for the Roses!


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Emily and Spongebob,
Thanks for your replies. The more I read the more I like the sound of natural treatment. I really believe organic is the way to go. I've passed this info to my MIL. My family and I appreciate the suggestions and the encouragement.

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Danny -

Emily speaks volumes of wisdom. Many people here have tried her juicing methods and benefitted amazingly from them. Positive mental imagery is a very unique method and some people dismiss it is snake oil. I, on the other hand, am a very firm believer in the power of the mind to heal the body. As you can see, there are many alternatives to the standard "cut 'em up (surgery), light 'em up (radiation) and pump 'em up (chemo)" methods of treating disease.

If your MIL had surgery and chemo and then only experienced a four month break before finding the new cancer, I would almost bet you that it was there all along in microdisease form aand was just never detected. Four months is a pretty short period of time for the cancer to grow really substantially in most cases. I have a friend who is stage 4 with a tumor wrapped around his spine (colon cancer mets), in his liver, and in his lungs. He is on a new treatment regime and says he may be turning the corner on his fight against the dragon.

It can be done, Danny. I say fight the dragon with every weapon you have. Juice, supplements, mental imaging, humor, drugs, and a positive mental attitude.

As a survivor yourself, you know how difficult it can be at times to maintain that positive mental attitude - but I firmly believe that our attitude is our most powerful weapon.

Prayer is right up there with attitude and I am keeping your MIL and your family in mine.

Cheers - and congratulations to you on 5 years of beating the dragon.

- SpongeBob

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