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lung mets symptoms

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Hi everyone- my "best half" recently had a miserable cold and stil has a lingering cough- of course I am scared the beast has migrated to his lungs...for any of you that has mets to the lungs- did you have symptoms of a cough??
Thanks everone for your response.

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Dear Bev,

Let me put your heart and mind at ease (well, as best I can... I know cancer is scary!). I guess I had somewhere between 20-30 tumors in my lungs. They operated and took about 40% of my lung capacity. Cancer still remains and I'm taking chemo that is supposed to leave you breathless and I'm thankful to report that I continue to be asymptomatic. With a history of cancer, every symptom is scary but I am pretty sure it is related to the nasty cold. Of course, I totally encourage you to ask your oncologist his/her opinion. But, from my understanding, I think it takes a BIG tumor to cause any problems.

Best of luck and I hope this eases your minds!

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Bev -

Andrea nailed it. Welcome to the world of "post-cancer what ifs". From now on, you and your husband will wonder if every little ting isn't a symptom of something bigger. He'll get a hangnail and wonder if it is really a hangnail or some sort of strange malignancy that just looks like a fingetnail. (OK, I'm exaggerating a little bit, but you get the idea)

While we may all seem to be worry warts, it's important to get those hangnails and little "possible symptoms" checked out. Yeah, your doc may get tired of constantly reassuring you, but there may be that one day when that one symptom IS something. If you aren't there getting stuff checked out, you'll miss is. Don't worry about what the doctor may think. Don't worry seeming to be overly cautious. It's his life he's protecting. The great irony is that so many of us are here on this board because we DID ignore symptom(s) for so long that the dragon got a foot-hold inside of us. Lesson learned and we shouldn't let it ever happen again.

(besides, why allow yourself to worry about something and lose sleep over it whenyou can just ask your advisor to check it out and put your mind to rest, eh?)

"eh?" at the end of a sentence... oh no... I'm starting to talk like Lisa Rose and Andy. I think it's time for them to go home. I think I heard them say "y'all" yesterday...

Anyway, keep up that vigilant surveillance, Bev. Don't let him allow the dragon to dig in again!


- SpongeBob

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Hi Bev.

Funny you should post this question. I gave that a fleeting thought myself. I was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer in March 2004, went thru the usual, 6 weeks chemoradiation, surgery and post op chemo. (of which I have only 5 more weeks of, yea)

I have a had "the cold" cough thing that is going around for 6 weeks. That was 6 weeks!! Went to the doc in the 4th week, got an antibiotic, Zithromax. It did absolutely nothing. I'm still coughing. My daughter, too.

Try to relax. I know it is hard. I honestly thought about the same exact thing just this weekend.

Always though, if you need reassurance or questions answered, speak with your doctor.


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