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Erbitux and CPT-11

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I often read the posts but don't post too often myself. I will start a new treatment of erbitux and CPT-11 next monday and would like anyone who has taken this combination to give me any info about side effects that you can. I have been on Folfox-6 and most recently Avastin and Folfiri (CPT-11, Leuco., and the 5-FU pump). However my Cea is rising again and my oncologist thinks that it is time to change. Thank you for any info you can provide.


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I just finished Erbitux and Campostar or Irinotecan...had 5 rounds of it, I did not tolerate it very well and for me, it didnt work..but everyone is diferent...The bigget problem was the Erbitux made me havereally bad acne, to the point where I could not get treatment and I had to go to the dermotoligist.

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I have had folfox, but not the others..you can go to drugs.com & get information, plus I would word
search on Google, and this site. Please keep us updated on your progress. Best Wishes, Bud

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