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Results of CT / PET Scan

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Well, yesterday morning I get the call from my doctor, hoping to hear it was gone, I was told there is still activity and the remaining lesions on your liver have grown slightly...the largest was 1.7cm, now its 1.9cm...Boy, not what I wanted to hear and yesterday was really really tough...8 rounds of FOLFOX, 95% gone....5 treatments of Irinotecan and Erbitux and its grown...FVCK!!! Monday I am to start taking Xeloda, 1500mg morning and 1500mg at night and Avastin every other week...I gotta get rid of this crap!

Is this normal? to do so well, then have a setback? Is the last 5% the hardest?

I'm going fight or die trying, but its really scary ****...

Anyone on Xeloda and Avastin? Side-effects? I know everyone is different...that Erbitux was pretty tough, so was the Oxaliplatin...My doctor says most people tolerate the Xeloda and Avastin pretty well, but thats what he said about Erbitux and that was a nightmare for me...

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Rondog -

Sorry to hear about your setback. You should be angry. I don't blame you for being scared. It just doesn't seem to make any sense.

Just like different people react to chemo differently, different cancers react to chemo differently. Hopefully your new treatment regimes will kick it.

Your attitude will help kick it, too. Keep that fighting spirit - even if the new chemo kicks your butt.

I can't speak to the side-effects but there are many here who have walked in your shoes and can. Know that you are in my prayers. I wish you strength, peace, and continued courage.

- SpongeBob

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Dear Rondog,

I'm so sorry about the lousy news. You have every right to be frustrated, disappointed, upset and scared. Less than a month ago, I traveled a similar path. I like to call it "The Path Of Despair" and it is lined with anger and tears. Two thoracotomies, three lines of chemo and scans continue to show evidence of metastatic disease in my lungs. No words can really ease the pain or fear. Know that I empathize. Know that you will most definitely be in my heart and prayers. Most importantly, KNOW THAT THERE IS STILL HOPE AND YOU CAN STILL BEAT THIS MONSTER. My heart is just breaking for you. But I can offer some good news. Everyday will get a little easier. You will become less afraid and less disheartened. Maybe your tumor doesn't rely on epidermal growth factor for growth. Maybe your cancer is dependent on another growth factor. Maybe Avastin will do the trick. I have heard many great things about this drug. Many tumors rely on VEGF for vascularization. I think significantly less patients respond to Erbitux and more respond to Avastin. Why is your doctor going with Xeloda rather than FOLFIRI (a.k.a. IFL, CPT-11/5FU/Leucovorin). I can assure you that Xeloda does have minimal side effects, so maybe that is why? Perhaps you should ask your oncologist for his/her rationale.

Hang in there. One day at a time. THE CANCER IS BEATABLE, although, right now, it may seem immortal. Side effects are tough but try to stay on top of them with meds. Do something everyday that brings meaning and makes you feel alive.

Livestrong. Be well. And keep us posted.


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Hi Ron.....sorry about the setback mate. As Andrea and Bob said...you are entitled to feel fearfull. There never any way of getting away from that fear Ron....but there are a helluva lot of people here that can make it just a little easier for you. I can't comment on any of the meds. you are taking but nonetheless am here to support you and wish you well in the fight. Our love and huggs from your friends in OZ, kanga n Jen

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I am so sorry that you are down. I wish I could make it easier for you. I have no experience with the chemo but I do know that you cannot give up. Andrea put it best when she said THIS CANCER IS BEATABLE! She meant it and so do I! I know it is frustrating and tiring and scary! Hang in there, I will be sending the good health mojo out over the airwaves to you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers too.

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Thanks everyone...Bob, I did start getting pissed! It clicked like a light, I was pissed that this evil little monster hasnt been snuffed out yet...I'm charged and ready to go..tomorrow at 9:15, back in the ring to take another swing..although I wonder if I'll be feeling as charged this time tomorrow, but never the less, lets go fight...bring it on..

Everyone else, thank you so much for your thoughts and concern...I think the reason he is going with Xeloda is because the last round, Irinotecan and Erbitux were just so toxic for me, he wants to give me a little bit of a break...

God Bless and I'll let you know how it goes..


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hi rondog,

if you want any ideas for using alternatives to heal your body of cancer I am happy to share.

sorry you are having this set back.

peace, emily the resident juicing radical who didn't do any chemo and is alive 3 yrs later....

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