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Might have kidney cancer

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i, My name is T and I just turned 35 years old. I just found out the other week that I might have kidney cancer. It all started out with a trip to the ob/gyn doctor for a routine physical, I had abdominal pain and she suggested two different ultrasounds. The test came out that I had an ovarian cyst which ruptured(I have to get retested in three months for this). Plus it showed a cyst on my kidney. I called a Urologist up and they said they don't do much for kidney cyst and couldn't get me for two - three weeks. I called another urologist and got in and he said it was a mass. I went for a cat scan with and without contrast. It shows that I have a 5 cm solid lesion on my left kidney and suspicion for kidney cancer. I was so upset. I cried so much. I went back to him and he suggested that I go to the hospital specialist who is excellent in another state. I luckily made the appt. early cuz my appt. is next Tuesday, February 1st. If I would have waited for my urologist doctor appt. here, I wouldn't have gotten in for another two, three weeks. I haven't peed blood, but I do get back pain on my left side towards the middle upper area. Somtimes lower back too. I figured that was from my scoliosis. Now I don't know. I have had this pain for over a year. It comes and goes. One time last year, it hurt I couldnt' move off the bed and it hurt to sneeze. I get that now and then. Well the doctor said I will have to get my kidney removed, but it hasn't spread. They aren't sure if it is cancer or not.He said that it looks as if the mass has been there for awhile. I hope someone can write to me about this. I am scared to death. I have kids and a great man in my life and I am so happy. I hope it isn't cancer, but if it is, I hope it is treatable.


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Hi T my name is Larry I am 53 and last June 14 I had a 10cm mass on my right kidney, but was contained to my kidney and had not spread. My kidney was removed through open surgey on monday morning, I stood up monday afternoon and walked around on tuesday and was out of the hospital thrusday morning.I took pain med for two days so I could sleep ,you don't get much sleep in the hospital.I was home till the next tuesday and went to see my urologist and he said I was doing great I left his office and drove to a job site (I'm a contractor)and have been doing great, I was back to walking 3 miles every mourning two days after seeing my doc ,went to Disney the end of July. On Dec 21 I went for a 6 mo chest x-ray and ct and all is good , its not bad at all and you can live with 1/2 of one kidney with no problem. If you have any questions my e mail is lollync1@hotmail.com

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Hey T,

Your situation sounds almost exactly like what happened to me two years ago -- except that my mass was maybe a centimeter smaller, and found because of a kidney stone instead of an ovarian cyst (I was even the same age as you then too).

It would be great if the mass is not cancer. But even if it is, you may have nothing at all to worry about. As long as the cancer has not spread, removal of the mass is usually a total cure.

They couldn't tell me if mine was cancer either, not until they actually removed it. It was though. But we caught it early, and two years later, still no sign of any more cancer.

I also never had any symptoms of the cancer either. You were probably right in the first place about the other things causing your back pain. Kidney cancer usually doesn't show any symptoms until long after it has spread.

Chin up. The ruptured cyst may have been the best thing that could have happened to you.

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Hi, T, Nine years ago I had a right radical nephrectomy, big incision, 28 staples, the whole bit. After four weeks, I was dying to get out in the garden. After eight weeks, I sawed up a fallen tree and dragged it to the road. Drove my husband NUTS! Oh, and I was 40. You can do it. Denise

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