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lupron, viadur implant, seeding

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This is the plan for my 74 year old husband with Alzheimer's. Does anyone have expereince and what was the outcome of the seeding?

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This is a very strange question. Am I correct in interpreting your statement that he is to undergo first Lupron, then Viadur Implant (which by the way is a version of Lupron type therapy) & then be seeded in the prostate for cancer??? The question as it is now is too vague!Can you supply more information? From your question, I would be tempted to ask if your husband is being used as a guinea pig!No pun intended, it just seems so bizarre!

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Personally, I can't imagine any reputable clinic proceeding with this level of treatment for anyone 74 years of age. Unless pathology reports indicate a Gleason score with an off-the-scale level of aggressiveness, the slow replication rate of prostate cancer is usually not life-threatening, but a mere inconvenience at most.

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