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Hello, I am new ...........

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I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Lorraine, and I was diagnosed with T4b Stage IIB colon cancer in September 2003.........had a colon resection and hysterectomy (tumor adhered to my uterus) in October 2003.........started ajuvent chemotherapy in November 2003........6 months FOLFOX regimen w/ fanny pack. Chemo ended April 20, 2004, and today I feel wonderful. I have/had been so busy trying to survive, that I haven't really taken the opportunity to fully comprehend this disease and the incredible journey it has taken me on. I am looking forward to coming to the site often, and meeting and "talking" to others who can relate. Thanks for letting me share..........

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hi lorraine,
welcome to our family. i was dx 5/04 stage 11 colon had resection 9/04 started chemo 4/04, 6 months finished 1/19/05. i am going to hospital this sunday for hernia where stoma was. you have come to a great place. people here have been thru it all some survivors some caregivers. please post often.
all the best

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Congratulations! for finishing the chemo. That is a big step, and not always an easy "job." Thank you for making me feel welcome........and I wish you the best this Sunday. I look forward to hearing from you when you feel better.

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Ahoy, Lorraine -

Welcome to the Semi-Colons. You have found a wonderful, caring, sensitive, funny, crazy (just read down the posts a bit), well versed and well expeienced group here.

Wish we could have met elsewhere than here; like say while waiting in line for a ride at Disney Land (like this isn't a ride, eh?).

Glad you're here and we look forwrd to hearing from you.


- SpongeBob

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Thank you for the welcome......I have enjoyed reading lots of fun messages......many of them from you. Not sure I get "it," but I am sure I will catch on.

2 years ago, I never would have thought that I would be here. I am just so happy to find a group who can truly relate to where I have been, and to where I am going.

Thanks again!


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Lorraine..you have found the best place in the world for sharing; it's a big family. Welcome- Bud

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Thank you for welcoming me into your family. You can never have enough support. I look forward to many conversations.......and making new friends.

Thanks, once more, to everyone!


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Hi Lorraine and welcome.
I was diagnosed with rectal cancer December 2002. I had chemoradiation followed by surgery followed by more chemo -- finished all my treatment August 2003. Now "NED" - hoorah. This is a great site -- full of valuable information, strong support and (as you have noted) humor too. You are welcome.

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Hello Lorraine!


3 1/3 years ago (8/01) I was dx'ed with Stage 3 lymph pos zero mets sigmoid colon cancer. I had a successful resection.

Adjuvant chemo was recommended but I declined. I went the route of Eastern Medicine and alternatives instead. (long story short: sister had intestinal cancer at 29 and only lived 4 years--did chemo and rad and still died so I was going to try something different). I was 39.

Lived to tell!!! Now I am the resident nag to get off sugar (cancer feeds on sugar) and processed foods and get a juicer and start drinking organic fresh veggie juice!!

So hope you find your place here. We're a bit crazy. :-)

peace, emily who recommends the Champion Juicer! :-)

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Thanks for your advice, Emily. I am trying to lose all the weight I lost and then regained after surgery/chemo. I have been working out religiously, and have tried to stick to a good carb, low fat, high protein diet. I feel great, but can't lose a pound, because I can't resist all the goodies at brunches, card parties, etc. Sugar is definitely not my friend........but it's so hard to say no to cheesecake and chocolate.

Keep telling me how horrible those things are for me and I will start to believe it :-)



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Welcome Lorraine~~

As you have already determined... this is a great site. Great company and wonderful support.

I'm a 38 y/o Mom of two great kids and wife to a fantastic hubby. My world was rocked in May 04 when I was dxd stage 3 rectal cancer. Did chemo radiation in June 04 then major surgery in Sept removing rectum, anus, ovaries, uterus, half of vagina to be rebuilt by abdomen muscles and ultimately left with a permanant colostomy. It have been a hell of a ride... one I don't care to take again. But the good things that have come out of it all have been fantastic.



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Hiya Lorraine and welcome from us "upside downers" in OZ. I was dx'd july 03, then surgery aug. 03(removed descending colon), then 6 months 5fu/leuc.
Hey---I'M STILL HERE!!!!!!
You will please excuse our resident prangsters, me included.....chemo brain made us do it!!!!lol!!!
The "family" here is just that Lorraine....come along anytime no matter how you feel. We all support each other in good and bad times.
Luv n huggs, kanga n Jen

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Hi Lorraine,
Welcome! You will find a lot of support and kind souls here. I am glad to hear that you are feeling well now. Keep up the good work.

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Again, I can't thank you all enough for your welcoming me into the semi-colon family.......I am overwhelmed with your kindness, and look forward to visiting with you all on a regular basis.

Lorrane :-)

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Hi Lorraine,
I am fairly new to the group also but I have been very inspired by this group of semi-colons and they never cease to make me smile and give me encouragement on a daily basis. I was diagnosed with stage3 colon cancer in April of 2003 and had the chemo, radiation and the resection surgery and then some more chemo. Now it has moved to my right lung and I will beat it like I did the last round. This is truly a wonderful and supporting family right here.
Congrats on finishing your chemo and I'm glad you are feeling so good! That is always wonderful news!!!! :-)

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Hello Lorraine, My name is Amy & I too am sort of new here to the "semi-colons" as Sponge Bob has graciously named. I also had a tumor in colon found by hidding in the effects of an appendix attack,in Oct 2003, Did 6 months chemo, by July felt great But like you (sort-of) My overies enlarged, so total hysterectomy, but no Ovarian Ca. Great but now considered re-occurance of colon Ca. Doing chemo again the FOLFOX like you and doing good. You wouldn't know I have /had or am even doing chemo.. I Have a few bad days but I handle it O.K. Ya have to Right! Love the cancer center I am at, and my new Oncologist, I went with a 2nd opinion,, I know I will beat this and now just have 4 mo, to go w/ chemo. I go every 2 weeks now.. But this is a special place and you will love it & the CREW. I enjoy just reading all the stuff.
Nice to chat with you & Best wishes
Love Amy

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