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The Lisas have taken over SB's pad and computer!!! The Hooter girls just got mad and left. Lisa Rose and I were out on the balcony waving goodbye and that really made them mad. The laid some nasty rubber as they sped off. Lisa Rose and I had to eat their dust. S*&%* happens.

As you can tell we got her just fine. Sorry to say we can not say the same about Lisa and Andy's luggage. They smell lovely.

Photos will be posted tomorrow once SB brings the cable from the ship (we wonder what else is on the ship...)

Sponger has been a wonderful host so far. He made 2 trips to the airport and we are now at his hip pad. I feel a little bad since he hurt his back turning my bed down for me.

We have not lost any money yet, but then again we haven't gambled any either.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's photos so you see the infamous Lisa Sandwich for real!!!!

Love from BILOXI!!!!!

Lisa P. and Lisa Rose

PS. Also look for speedo update. They are in the washer now and it is a very large load.

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hey guys,
sounds like you guys are already partying. keep us posted and have a great time.
all the best

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Joined: Apr 2003

For the record, I disavow any knowledge of the contents of his post (well... no... I won't even attempt to open a discussion on the post script)

ll I will add is that we're having a wonderful time (some are having a MORE wonderful time... Em, Lisa2 said something about it beeing good for you to add vodka to her blueberry smoothie - true?) and wish y'all were here. We made a toast tonight. "To Absent Friends". It' a traditional British Navy toast (popularized in the Rocky Horror Picture Show - which, incidently, was where the cartoon character Sponge Bob made his cinematic debut as a transvestite alien).

Look for picures from Colon-Palooza to be in my gallery at the Pineapple House tomorrow. UGH.... this group i wearingme out already!


- SpongeBob, your cruise director.

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I hope you put little "kanga lifesaver" in a good spot to view all the activities......don't look for the "spycam".....you'll never find it.....lol!!!!!!

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you guys must be having a blast. looking forward to see the pictures.

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I'm jealous! You guys are having too much fun. Count me in for next year. I've just lined up a "nanny" for my mom, so I'll be with you guys for our second reunion.

Have fun,


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I'm soooooo jealous! I will be there next year. We need to decide where it should be. I'd be glad to host here in Austin!

Party hardy and have fun. Will talk to you soon.