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right kidney mass???

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my name is atos,,,
just had a radical nephrectomy jan.18.renal mass was 5 cm and today I had the pathology report...
it is metanephric adenoma...
only 136 cases around the world reported with 1
metastastis.I feel very happy that the tumor was not cancer,but this is very new words for me..
is anyone know something about it? and would comment on this?
thank you..

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i, My name is T and I just turned 35 years old. I just found out the other week that I might have kidney cancer. It all started out with a trip to the ob/gyn doctor for a routine physical, I had abdominal pain and she suggested two different ultrasounds. The test came out that I had an ovarian cyst which ruptured(I have to get retested in three months for this). Plus it showed a cyst on my kidney. I called a Urologist up and they said they don't do much for kidney cyst and couldn't get me for two - three weeks. I called another urologist and got in and he said it was a mass. I went for a cat scan with and without contrast. It shows that I have a 5 cm solid lesion on my left kidney and suspicion for kidney cancer. I was so upset. I cried so much. I went back to him and he suggested that I go to the hospital specialist who is excellent in another state. I luckily made the appt. early cuz my appt. is next Tuesday, February 1st. If I would have waited for my urologist doctor appt. here, I wouldn't have gotten in for another two, three weeks. I haven't peed blood, but I do get back pain on my left side towards the middle upper area. Somtimes lower back too. I figured that was from my scoliosis. Now I don't know. I have had this pain for over a year. It comes and goes. One time last year, it hurt I couldnt' move off the bed and it hurt to sneeze. I get that now and then. Well the doctor said I will have to get my kidney removed, but it hasn't spread. They aren't sure if it is cancer or not.He said that it looks as if the mass has been there for awhile. I hope someone can write to me about this. I am scared to death. I have kids and a great man in my life and I am so happy. I hope it isn't cancer, but if it is, I hope it is treatable.


Frank Fitz
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Good luck with your upcoming appt -- my prayers for you.

When I learned I probably had cancer in my kidney, the good news I also learned was that if necessary we can live just firne with one kidney. I had my surgery 1/22 and on the road to recovery a little unware of what to expect. However, the cancer was all removed they say! Let us know how things go for you.


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I had a nephrouretherectomy in Aug 2009 and I still have pain on both sides. I suffer from 4 herniated disc and I am constantly in pain (lower back),it disquised my kidney symptoms. When I was diagnosed, I thought I was suffering from the development of an ulcer, so I had an ultrasound done and the mass was discovered in July 2009. It is now January 2010 and I have phantom pains on my stomach above and below the incision. I think it is the incision hurting , but it ends up being above or below. I still have no feeling below the incision. I believe there was some nerve damage done.

What is really scaring me is the fact that I am in pain now that the kidney has been removed. I fear I am eating the wrong things. I love almonds and eat quite a few. Am I not to eat almonds and popcorn anymore?

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The only thing I was told was not to have too much protein (no energy shakes, etc) and watch my salt intake. Also no ibuprofen. Only what the Dr orders for pain. I only have one kidney since January 2006 due to clear cell renal carcinoma. Now have cancer on left kidney, middle back side, 1cm and growing. MRI due in March then they will decide what to do about it. Have shadow on lung & liver but no cancer in them per PET scan. Scared? Yes, I was OK when they took the right kidney but when they said I have it in left now I lost it. I've had a couple months to come to terms with this now (but sometimes have a poor me pity party) and do have a lot of prayers and concerned people pulling for me. I believe in God and know for a fact I have a Guardian Angel looking out for me. My Angel has been there 3 times now (that I know of) and hopefully won't give up on me yet! If anyone knows of other diet issues I would like to hear what you have to say. Keep getting your scans and keep sharing.

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Hello. I was wondering what stage your cancer was? I just had surgery in July 2009, stage 3a, grade 2. I believe in guardian angels and prayer as well so I will be praying for you.

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The cancer in my right kidney that was removed was T1 (which I just found out this year, I think I needed to ask more questions about this but I was confident that they got all of it so I wasn't concerned, THEN, I am NOW) It was 4cm in size. I was told at the time that it was "very aggressive" (which I assumed meant it was growing fast) and they had to remove all of it and some lymph nodes as well. But I was assured that they got it all. As I've read more and more I'm confused about the staging that they told me. I'm asking more questions now. My Oncologist said he didn't think this new cancer in the left kidney was from the other one but a new cancer. Which I guess is good in a way as it means it didn't spread...but...it is my only kidney now...OK, pity party over. Back to reality. Did they talk with you about what to eat and not eat? Did you have to have any treatments? How are you doing now? With Prayers!

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