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Semi-Colon Reunion and fitlisa?

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All you semi-colons heading to the beaches of Mississippi for a weekend of fun, laughter, etc., etc., have a GREAT and SAFE trip. Hopefully, I will talk to you all sometime this weekend. I'm so envious - wish I could be there. I'll definitely be at the 2nd annual Colon-Palooza!

Have fun!

By the way, a side note: has anyone heard from Lisa who was to have some pretty major surgery on the 21st? Just checking.

Take care.


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I second what Kerry said: Be safe and HAVE FUN!!!! Remember, lots of pictures of compromising situations. Hopefully we'll make the second event.

Kerry...look back to January 22nd posts. Lisa's husband posted a detailed update.


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I'll third it! I would have loved to come but going from -35 degrees Celsius to MUCH warmer temperatures probably would have killed me (which would be such a waste after all the money medicare has invested in me!). Have a FABULOUS time everyone and I want to see many pictures.


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Hello All My Semi- Colon Friend's From Biloxi ! ! !

Read our posts for our live updates...photos tomorrow. We are working hard at having fun for you all. Sure is wearing us out representing all of you guys!!!! We definitely need more at the next one. In the meantime, 3 in the bed and the little one said......roll over.....Nighty night.

Lisa Rose, SB, and Lisa P.

And yes ANDY TOO!!!!!!!!!

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Bet you got relegated to tha floor Andy!!!!!!lol!

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