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hi guys need advice on...

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hi guys,
i need some insite on hernia repair. i have finished chemo 26 weeks, i have had a colonscope(neg), i had ct scan(neg). but know i need to get a hernia where stoma site was repaired. dr says not to wait so maybe next week he said will have to patch it. any advise is appreciated. also everyone going to semi 1 reunion have a great time and take lots of pics,
all the best

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Hi Bruce~
Have you tried the UOA.org site? This site has been invaluable to me re: colostomy info. Someone there surely will be able to offer insight.


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Hi Bruce: Have they closed the old stoma and given you a new one? Is the hernia at the site of the old stoma?
See www.ostomy-winnipeg.ca/woa0100j.html
& www.wramc.amedd.army.mil/providerinfo/enterostomal/10.htm
you should be able to copy/paste these urls into your browser..
UOA and IOA sites are very informative also. Bud

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