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CT-Pet Scan Number 2

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After going through 8 rounds of Oxaliplatin & 5FU, I had a CT-PET Scan that showed the cancer that spread to my liver and lymph nodes was 95% gone...I tthen just finished 5 treatments of Irnotecan and Erbitux and get my 2nd scan tomorrow....I'm freaking out...nervous, anxious...Before the 1st scan my doctor said he didnt think they would find anything...only to tell me 95% gone...I asked him about this time and he hesitated and said, I dont think it will be gone, I just hope it hasnt grown...He said it could be gone, but didnt think it would be....I'm hoping he just want to get my hopes up after seeing how disappointed I was after the 1st scan....Ugh!!

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My thoughts and prayers are with you. I am having my second PET scan on Friday and my second CT and Bone Scan since surgery at the end of February. I am praying that you get good results.


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Hey there Rondog -

Keep a positive attitude. Know that the semi-colons are praying for a good outcome for you.


- SpongeBob

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Hiya Ron. No matter how hard we try to be positive and how much everyone tries to keep us in that frame of mind we are all constantly in fear of the unknown. Cancer in a lot of ways differentiates us from many people suffering other ilnesses in that it has that fear factor of "will it return...will it return with a vengeance".......unlike many other ilnesses that can be totally cured. We unfortunately don't get the all clear luxury. Most of us can never get a clearcut answer from our doctors....that is the nature of the disease.....but...some do. I have a mate here who had bowel cancer 18 years ago, had a resection and has a colostomy. He is here to prove we can survive...hang in there Ron.
Our best from OZ, kanga n Jen

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I am thinking of you and sending best wishes your way. Going in for these tests, and then waiting for the results, is so incredibly anxiety-provoking. I have a post-it note above my computer that says "Feed the Faith, Starve the Doubt". Although I don't always succeed in following this advice, this is what I wish for you during the next few tough days. And please keep us posted.

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Thanks for all the support everyone....last night was rough, I think I slept all of about an hour, just laying there trying to sleep with a million things running through my mind...

I'll keep you all posted when I get my results..

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Bad News...Results from CT-PET Scan show the cancer on my liver has grown...Two months worth of Irnotecan and Erbitux for crap...Oh well, maybe if I didnt get that it would have grown more...The largest lesion on my liver was 1.7cm and now its grown to 1.9cm....Back to chemo on Monday...Xeloda 1500mg morning and night and Avastin every other week til who knows when..

This **** sucks...I'm tired of having this dreaded disease, I'm tired of the treatments, I'm tired of not being myself and I'm tired of not know if, or when I will be better...

I still wont give up, I'll keep on fighting, do whatever it takes, but man, it sure aint easy.

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