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Happy Happy Joy Joy

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Joined: Aug 2004

Funny how life is like a rollercoaster. Three weeks ago I was laying in my recliner in agony and feeling like total doo-doo. Today I am planning an impromptu trip with friends to Cancun leaving in 2 weeks.

Leaving behind grey, cold, muck, slush, and the sadness of the Steelers losing the AFC Championship game. Going to a house right on the ocean, palm trees, white sands and azure blue waters. Incredible!!!

It is such a perfect way to say "Adios" to the past 9 months of the wretched cancer journey and "Ola" to the rest of my life.

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!


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hey mj,
enjoy your new lease on life. you deserve it. have some pina colada's for the rest of us.
have a great time and take pics.
all the best

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Very cool, MJay!!

Be sure to get on the ferry and go over to Isla Mujeres. Have a Corona (or two or three - with lime, of course) for me!


- SB

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Posts: 132
Joined: Aug 2004

Thanks for the info... definitely going to look into that!!


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Enjoy- have lots of cervesa's- be thinking about you. Never been to CAncun but I can dream- right? Look forward to lots of travel tales.

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You poor poor thing, I feel so sorry for you. NOT lol. You are soooooooooo lucky!!! Have a GREAT time for all of us who are wearing our winter clothes. Brrrrrrrrrrr.

hapie (aka Jonna)

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