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Gemcitabine anyone???

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Hello all,

So, I met with the oncologist today and he is raring to go. Apparently the surgeon thinks I should start treatment instead of waiting so here we go! I'm starting tomorrow on Gemcitabine. I'll be doing DAY 1-Gemcitabine DAY 8-Gemcitabine and Xeloda from DAY 1 through 14. Break for a week, and then we go again. My doctor came up with this concotion by himself (i.e. no studies with Gemcitabine and CRC)... Anybody else on this? Anybody knows if it works? Apparently, the side effects are minimal and the infusion only lasts an hour which translates to LOTS OF FREE TIME. Music to my ears.

I hope all is well! Who's lovin' Tuesday? It's almost Wednesday which means almost Thursday which means almost the week-end:)

All my love,

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there is a trial at NIH-(301) 435-4845 using Gemcitabine and Mistletoe. lemee know how you are doing..bud

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Gemcitabine and Mistletoe? Sounds like someone is trying to get a kiss...

Is your onc a certified mixologost, Andrea? I can make a pretty fair Martini, but this sounds a bit more complex. Keep us posted.

- SB

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Never heard of this one. I'll be interested to see some other responses.

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For side-effects, the BC Cancer Agency website is very useful. Look under both patient and professional health care worker drug info.
Hope all goes well,

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