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Hi everybody I just want to know if anyone got the run around when trying to find out what was going on? One of my docs (PCP) says that she thinks it is cancer, the other one (GYN) does not know why she thinks that. But no one is telling me anything. Don't get me wrong I don't want cancer, it is just scary that someone would say that they think it is and then have you wait. I just need to know something. My insurance will only let me go to a regular GYN until that GYN recommends a specialist, but in the meantime I am in pain and of course they can not medicate a pain when they don't know whats wrong. Sorry just needed to vent. Thanks!

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So sorry you are getting the run around. I know waiting is always the hardest, hopefully you will find out soon. Prayers and hugs. Bonnie

PS Vent all you want here we all understand the need for a place to do that one.

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Have you spoken to your insurance provider directly? Sometimes it's the best thing to do. It seems to me they'd be more in favor of you finding a possible cancer in a lower stage, than sitting around and waiting for it to develop into something that could cost them much, much, more!

I heard a woman speak a while ago who had a BRCA-1 genetic test that was positive, and wanted to have her ovaries removed because her sister had OVCA in her 20's. Her insurer didn't want to pay for it. She arranged a meeting with their representative, and her sister brought her bills for her surgery and chemo. The woman got her ooperectomy paid by the insurer.

Although the companies have their rules, sometimes they can be bent if presented with a good argument.

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