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off to the hosp. I go again

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I am off to the hospital. things are not moving again.

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hi maureen,
sorry you are having problems. hope all goes well.
keep the faith
all the best

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Moe, Keep the Faith. Like I said earlier, I spent one night at the hospital about 3 weeks after my surgery and almost had to go back a few days later. The barium drink actually unclogged me, and the Dr.'s said that was not uncommon. Eat gently when you return. I lived on Cream of Wheat and jello for awhile until I could keep things moving. I know how discouraging it can be, however. When I was throwing up 3 weeks after surgery and in pain, I wondered why I had endured the whole thing, just to feel awful. But that, too, passed. Hope you are home and resting tonight or in the morning.

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Hey mo,

will be praying for you absolutely!

hang in there.

peace, emily whose heart goes out to you!

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Hi Maureen, Havent been on much, but had to reply to your post. Like some one said in one of your previous posts, pain medicine will slow the colon down and cause you to stop up. Also, I found out the last time I was in the hospital with the same problem that my potassium was really low. My surgeon said that will cause it too. Good luck. It's great when it starts working right. I promise.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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oh maureen! I am soo sorry you are going through this. Here's hoping you are back soon!

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Hi Maureen~
I was just thinking about you last night and wondering how you were doing. Sorry to hear your going back in. Keep the faith... things will work out. Once they get going life will be grand. So much better than being tied to the loo.

This is coming from a fellow ostomate who will never like her new appendage but is trying to come up with a name for it anyway.... figure I have 50+ years with it so we may as well become friends.


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Hi Moe,
I hope this gets better soon! I am thinking good thoughts for you.

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Damn, Moe... Feast or famine. You go get the surgery ecause things move too quickly and now they quit moving. UGH.

Hopefully things will get to he normal state soon. Keeping you in my paryers.

- SB

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Ahhh Maureen...what an ordeal. I hope things clear up for you soon. Stay strong through this, from what the others say it'll be worth it.


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Hi Maureen:
Hope things are looking better for you this evening. My "best half" had 2 bowel obstructions post op..and after the NG tube/slow reintro of foods- what finally cleared it up was a prescription for Maxeran.
Hope things get working quickly and you get home real soon.

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