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Small Intestinal Cancer

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My friend Angie is 28 years old and recently diagnosed with this cancer. I am looking for anyone she may could chat with about this. Please let me know of anyone. Thank you!


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hi angie,
sorry your friend has to be here with this. but you have come to the right place. we are a family of survivors and caregivers. please have her post here and ask as many questions as she needs.
all the best

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Hiya Amanda and Angie,
Ditto gal. If your friend does not have access to a computor maybe she could get together with you on yours--then you can both come here. It is sad that your friend has been struck with this horrid disease at such a young age. She will find lots of support here. Tell Angie to let us know the details of her dx. There will always be someone here to help. There is no holding back here with the semi-colons.....no being bashfull about our illness.
Hope to hear from you or Angie soon.
kindest regards, kanga and Jen from OZ

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Hi Amanda,

I'm sorry about the diagnosis. I remember when I was first diagnosed... What an absolute nightmare. BUT things get better. I was diagnosed at 20 years old in Jan. 2003. with rectal cancer. The disease has progressed to my lungs and I'm still doing treatment, but I continue to do well and live my life. I go to school, see my friends, worry my mum, blah, blah, blah.

Please come to the board WHENEVER. We answer all sorts of questions and it's great to know you are not alone.

The best of luck to both of you. Keep us updated and be well.


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Hi Amanda,

My sister had adenocarcinoma of the small intestine and she was diagnosed at 29. She had been sick for quite awhile by the time they finally diagnosed it.

Of course they had told her she was probably anorexic or whatever since they could not find anything for so long (they never looked in her sm. intestine--until she went to Mayo).

So I hope your friend is doing well. Apparently the small intestine is a very rare location for cancer.

My cancer was in the sigmoid colon. but intestinal cancer is a pain in the butt no matter where its located.

So invite your pal over sometime. We love (hate) newcomers (I mean we are sorry they have to be here but we love to have them join in). :-)

peace, emily who just wishes ONE doctor would have suggested a colonoscopy after my sister had cancer--just ONE!!

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Hi Amanda...Welcome to both you and Angie. My wife was diagnosed back in October and I've been coming here for advice, reassurance and humor ever since. This is a GREAT group of people. They can help Angie get through this, and we can help you with helping her. You seem like a good friend to take the initiative.

I hope all goes well for you guys.


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Hi Amanda,

I just found this website a few days ago and it is terrific. These people are great and a lot of help. Your friend will love you for finding this place to come laugh, cry or just let off steam.

I am 34 and was diagnosed with colorectal cancer 7 months ago and I remember I felt like I was all alone with a disease for old people. This website has helped me realize that I'm not alone at all. Have Angie look at some of the personal web pages on here about people her age and read their stories. It really made me feel better about my situation.

Having you for a friend will also help her get through the tough days ahead.

Lots of Prayers and best wishes for Angie.

Jonna K.

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