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You guys are awesome!!!!!!!

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I was so excited when I logged on and had 13 replies to my message. It means so much to have people who understand where I am coming from. I appreciate all of your suggestions. The suggestion about irrigation was a great one. I just started irrigating not too long ago and it has made a world of difference in my self esteem.

By the way I am also a Virgo and like long walks on the beach. lol

Some of you wanted to know about my kids. I have a 7 year old daughter and an 11 year old son. They have handled all of this like real troopers. My family has all been great. My sister is a nursing student and likes to take me for show and tell. I hope it helps at least one person by letting them know how common colon cancer is and what some of the warning signs are.

I checked into Shaz's website and that is a great one just like you guys said.

Thanks again for all of your caring words and great advise.


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Hi again hapie. The word you mention--"understanding" is very much a key to coping with cancer. For a better explanation--from a males point of view---it is akin to a guy understanding what it is like for females to have a baby. Well--that is obviously impossible--I could never "understand" the reality of it.
In the same way, people who have never had to deal with having cancer can not possibly know how we all feel. Carers are probably the only ones that get even close.
The key to all this is to try and talk openly to family and friends. Some will listen, others will have difficulty coping. It is all due to not really knowing how to understand or react.
luv n huggs, kanga n Jen

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Hi Hapie,
Sorry I missed welcoming you at your first post...belated welcome to the board. I found this place right after my colectomy in Dec 03, and have found many friends here over the last year. I still remember vividly my own sense of welcome and belonging when I read all the response to my first post. I still have met no one in my circle of friends and acquaintances who has had colon cancer. (Though all of my 50ish friends have to take a pledge to get a baseline colonoscopy! Many have found polyps, 1 "precancerous"!
Good luck to you as you continue on this journey...we are happy to have you here with us. Although my kids were older (18 and 16), they have come out of this with a stronger appreciation of the important things in life, and, on most days, a stronger appreciation of good ole mom!
Judy (also a Virgo, who is currently avoiding the beaches in New England and sitting in front of a fire)

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Hapie, Isn't it awesome to have people in your shoes respond to your questions? I remember when it first happended to me almost 5 years ago, when I was celebrating my one year anniversary of rectal cancer. I had returned to work, was cnacer free, and felt just awful about things. I was scared of a return of the disease, mad at having to deal with the effects of the treatment and surgery, and wondering how I was ever going to keep going to work as a prosecutor. Well, it was another site, but I met, on-line, peopl who had recovered from cancer and lived rich and wonderful lives. They understood my fears and had lived them themself. I used to feel, back then, that they were the only people I could really talk to about things. I did not have a colostomy, but I had a nice long scar and had to run to the bathroom every 20 minutes for awhile. I was only 36, married with 3 kids, and felt completely unattractive and bad. It got better. I returned to running regularly, got some new suits for work, and pretty soon I had left my wife and was dating Jennifer Aniston (well....I could have). I never really left my wife...she was a rock and wonderful to me. I can understand that life as a single person with this disease would be bad. But even we married people deal with the changes in our bodies and functions. I am glad you are here, and believe me, things just get better with time. I have 6 years post-cancer under my belt to back that up with!

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Hi again hapie. I commend you for the "show n tell". I often go to my clinic to help support other cancer patients while they do chemo. I also speak at club functions...all in the name of cancer awareness. Like you, if someone pays attention then there is a personal benefit knowing that we may help someone who needed encouragement to seek out a doctor. Bowel cancer is such a difficult thing to dx sometimes....and when symptoms do show up, many people, especially males leave going to see a doctor too long.

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