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Foolish Optimism?

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I have been offline for a couple of weeks. The cat killed my mouse. Long story short: we have a bunch of spoiled pets that chew on woodwork, wires and one another. They eviscerate their toys and knock the stuffing of our sofa cushions. They eat so much food we are constantly running to the store hauling 20-pound bags of kibble home. In spite of all this we have them rooting around our feet at every meal hoping to get lucky. Anybody want a cat or three?
I decided it was a good time to catch up on some reading and made a no screen rule. There was no TV viewing, either. Just a little chocolate munching. Can't get rid of all my vices. New Year's resolutions last two days around here.
Well, somebody finally coughed up another mouse and I caught up on the posts. Things seem pretty normal on the board. Some people are better and some not so good and the rest are about the same (which is good).
While reading Johnom's message about the 30-year mortgage he recently signed I thought now there is an optimistic guy. That beats Andreae's grad school commitment.
I rummaged around at the back of my file drawer behind the mountain of medical stuff and found a hard copy of a novel that I had abandoned before my near-death experience. I don't know if it can be revived but miracles happen all the time. And I need a hobby while waiting for my garden to wake up. The bulbs did a bit of sprouting during a warm spell but went back to sleep when the cold weather returned. Expect some news on that front next month. Crocus and Winter Aconite will appear sometime in February.
Aspaysia, who needs to can those framented sentences.

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Hey, Asp, great to hear from you. Sorry about the beasties being in control. We have only 1 cat, who is fairly well behaved (can't let her read that) but will jump on your lap as soon as you sit anywhere. My crocus and snow drops are under 2 feet of snow, but, on the other hand, it isn't often that we've been able to cross country ski in the streets in our suburb.
Best of luck with the writing; looking forward to reading a publisher's proof!

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What a neat message...just as most of yours are. Are you an aspiring writer? I think about it too with an idea of mine and just can't muster the energy these days. I would love to talk with you about that if it's okay.

I too have 2 cats and a dog, but they don't really cause much harm. They are my joy and sunshine on bad days. I love their silliness.

Lisa P.

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Ah Asp,

glad you tooted back from your quickie sabbatical. Your wit and humor have been sorely missed.

Yes I am one of those who does not budge from here (I know....get a life) for long if only for the opportunity to test out my groovey soapbox on the latest unsuspecting semi-colonless.

We have 5 kitties so no thanks on the offer. We recently (as of last monday) added a collie puppy to our menagerie.

So what is worse? Regurgitated mouse entrails or puppy poops? I guess I 'll take the tootsie rolls over mouse mush twice over.

Dark Chocolate actually has anti-oxidant properties....speaking of tootsie rolls. FYI

Who can think of bulbs in January when we have 3 feet of snow....glorious snow to ski in, snowshoe in, dogsled in, make angels in, build forts in, play cut-the-pie in and be entranced by its magic to transform everything into a frosted winter wonderland?

Ah well, ask me again in April. I will not be waxing poetic about the dirty icy sooty slushy wet mess most likely to end up tracked into my living room....by that same collie puppy.

so anyway, glad to see you back if even for a brief moment before you go headlong into that novel.

peace, emily who welcomes the thought of no screen after a TV marathon due to the flu.....blaaach (know any way to detox too much TV in the system??)

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Hiya Asp----mmmmm--I can relate to that. You probably can't read the "correct" time on your puta but it is 4.00am here(can't sleep--again!) and "Tessie" is just behind me. She comes into tha puta room to keep an eye on me--then if she gets bored she jumps onto the desk and sits on "mouse"---I swear she is trying to "hatch it!!""""---lol!!!!!
If I try to make her get off she hisses at me---sure way of getting "dads" attention--she wants to play. Somewhat distracting if I am scrolling thru posts!
Do you guys have "huntsmen spiders" over there?? They are non-venomous spiders we have here that can be 2 inches in diameter. Tessie usually brings them inside with a "pleased" look on her face------"mummy, daddy-----lookit what I found for yah!!!"
Sends Jen absolutely ape--she hates spiders!!!--lol!!
You sound a bit like me Asp--if I am not on tha puta I usually have my nose buried in a book at night.
Go easy on tha choccies-----luv kanga n Jen

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Hello There!!!! I was having a rough moment reading some of the post and then I read yours. I am glad to hear that the bulbs are doing well!! I am looking forward to hearing about the bulbs you planted for Bob and I. I am looking forward to spring and seeing everything come alive again. I need it right now. Spring is going to be tough but the flowers always seem to help me and Bob was a BIG softy when it came to flowers. He would tell me not to buy so many then he would go out on his own and come home with a pile of stuff. He would see something he liked no matter if it was for our climate or not he would buy it.

Thank You for the uplift!!!

Best Wishes!!!!

Love Sue

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I just checked on the bulbs again today and there is nothing happening yet. I can't wait for those little sprouts to poke through the leaves - no snow here. The garden is now officially named the BS Memorial Horticultural Extravaganza because you and your hubby earned it. Sounds like spring will be a bittersweet time for you, Sue. Hope and renewal mixed with memories of Bob. I also have a penchant for planting things that are not exactly right for this climate. Guess we all belong in the Foolish Optimist Club.
Wishing you the best.

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there's nothing foolish about an optimist when you consider the alternative..

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