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where o where is sponger????????

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Joined: Jul 2004

hey sponger where are you. we miss your posts.
hope everything is okay.
all the best

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I'll second that! Hope all is well and you're caught up in life:) Know that you're thought of and missed!

Lots of love,

Posts: 758
Joined: Jul 2004

i know where you are, held up with
1, hooter girls
2, jennifer aniston
3, getting ready for semi 1 reunion
4, getting ready to patrol waterways for super bowl.
hope all is well

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Ahoy there y'all! Thanks for the note. Been in some nasty weather (winds 55-70 miles an hour in the Gulf of Mexico - seas to match) that made going onto the computer nearly impossible for the last couple of days. I missed you guys!
We pulled in last night and I actually slept in my own bed for the first time in two months!

I just got all caught up on the new folks and the status of everyone's surgery, etc.

I should note that when I got home, as I feared, Jennifer Anniston had left about 300 voice mails for me. It took me hours to get through all of those - coupled with the ones from all the Hooters Girls. It's so tough being one of the beautiful people. Oh yeah, Brad Pitt also left a few voice mails for me too. He wasn't nearly as nice as Jennifer!

Well, time to go do some clean-ups in preparation for Colon-Palooza (hmm... that sounds like I'm talking about about drinking some colonoscopy prep, no, I mean the reunion, which I have christened Colon-Palooza I)

Still taking last minute reservations - any of you snow bunnies wanna come south? - should be in the 70s!

Thanks again for the note - chat more soon!

- SpongeBob

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Joined: Feb 2004

Sponge...Sounds like you got some of the weather that swept down the coast, leaving a foot or two os snow in its wake. We got about a foot here in western NY, but here, that's pocket change. Sorry I can't make "Colon-Palooza"...I really wanted to hear "Runs-DMC" and "5-FU2". Oh well. As for the 70 degree weather, hey we went to 7 below last week and today it's almost 10, so who needs the warmth? As for Jennifer, please answer her calls. When you don't talk to her she calls me constantly, and my wife's just not buying the personal advice thing anymore! Glad you're home safe and sound. Looking forward to your posts.

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Ah Sponger---I was gunna make a remark about WHO'S BED you did sleep in but thought it might not be appropriate--lol!!!!!
Did I just make a remark????---mmmmm
I know where he really was Bruce!!!
1/ Cruizin southern beaches with tha binochs out lookin for flesh.
2/ In yah dreams Bob------feelin a little damp?????lol!
3/ Spendin time lookin over catalogues---trying to find a clean, raunchy pair of "speedo's" for tha reunion.------shudder tha thought!
4/ Trying to bribe his commander into detouring to OZ to pick up kanga n Jen.

In reply to your last statement Bruce-"hope all is well"
Metinks with gals like tha 2 Lisa's going to tha reunion all might well be WELL----LOL!!!!

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peace, emily who is still laughing (ok I am a bit loopy from the flu)

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I know where he is. He is wearing a fumigating mask and cleaning his house so Lisa Rose and I won't come back and tell y'all that he is messy. Can you imagine what his toilet looked like after 2 months at sea!!!!!

Just kidding and I bet he is neater then I will ever be.

I am revving up for our get together (the colon palooza). SB is resting up for his Lisa sandwich arriving this weekend. Of course, we will have Lisa Rose's Andy there to officiate. Look for updates and photos (yes Kanga and Em, photos!!!!!).

Lisa P.

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The big news over here in the UK is that Spongebob Square pants (the cartoon character) is being accused of being a gay icon as he holds hands with his male friends while singing (and therefore is an inappropriate role model for young people)!
Does that mean that our spongebob has not really been sailing the gulf but out cruising teh gay bars for young vulnerable men to take advantage of?!!! this whole Jennifer Aniston thing must just be a cover up!
Come out of your closet bob and confess!


spongebob's picture
Posts: 2598
Joined: Apr 2003

I was wondering when someone would point that out. It's all over the US press as well. Figures... I spend all this time modeling my life after an inocuous cartoon character and now I find our he's gay. Well, all I can tell you is, ask the Hooters Girls. I know... Jennifer and the gals are really just my mustache. Ain't gonna win this arguement...

As Forrest Gump would say; "That's all I have to say about that."

- SB

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