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post hysterectomy

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My mother in law just recently found out that she has ovarian caner. They have already done a hysterectomy. The report came back with stage 1 cancer and it still is active. They found some cells on her colon. It has been almost three weeks post surgery and she still is not doing well. She cannot keep anything down. She throws up water, food, almost everthing. She is always feeling as though she is going to throw up. She has had promblems with diarrea. She is dizzy. No energy. She had one day where she felt great and then the very next day she went back. We don't know if the is normal, it doesn't seem to be. The doctors all say that everything is o.k. Any help and advice would be great. Thanks so much.

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I am so sorry your mother in law is having such a hard time but the good news is they discovered her cancer at stage1. But not so good about how she is feeling. Has she started chemo already? I know the chemo can cause terrible nausea but there are so many medications available that she should not have to deal with such side affects.

I know the first month or so after surgery my stomach couldn't tolerate to many types of food, I mostly lived on protein shakes and mashed potatoes.

Prayers and Hugs Bonnie

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You don't say what your mother-in-law's age is. If she is older - say late 60's and up - she may be having some problems more due to her age. My in-laws are both in their 80's, and it's a whole different playing field for geriatric patients. If she is, it would be good for a relative to play advocate for her and find out what solution for her not being to keep food down. That is not a good situation, especially just after surgery.

As BonnieR says, there are medications that should help with nausea.

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