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Cancer of the Appendix

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I am being treated for this cancer, first with intraperitoneal heated chemo and now being given iv chemo. Anyone else have this or know of anyone that has? Having chronic diaherra, can't stop it losing weight, nothing stops it. Any suggestions? Have tried everything over the counter. I heard there was an injectable.

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I don't know anything about this type of cancer, I would have thought they would simply remove the appendix. I did want to mention though that you should read fitlisa's latest post which refers to it.
Be well

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Hiya sweetkiss from OZ. So sorry that cancer has brought you here. I am unable to respond with an answer for you. Hopefully someone may read your post with some advice. You might like to post some further details of your treatment etc. Also you might like to browse the personal pages to see if anyone has a similar condition.
All our best tyo you, kanga n Jen

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