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Back in hospital again

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Hi to all,
I am back in the hospital again with a post op bowel obstruction. My surgeon says just another bump in the road. I will let you know when I am home again.
I am in Boston and they are expecting 2-3 feet of snow. This will get me out of shoveling. lol

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Ouch!!!!! Hope it clears up quick. Man, you don't get any breaks.
Build a snowman for me - Houston just doesn't get any snow. Deep sigh. jana

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Atta girl Maureen.... there is always a bright side. Getting out of shoveling is a bright side. :) Same with getting out of dishes, laundry, cleaning up pet puke, etc.... all bright sides.


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Hi Maureen,
Boy, the lengths some people will go to get out of shoveling. I live just outside of Boston, and by the looks of things, they may have gotten this forecast right. Hope you are warm and snug and healing. I had my colectomy last December, in the middle of a snow emergency weekend. I'm a nurse....thought they were going to put me to work!
Hope the obstruction clears without problem and you get home soon. Judy

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Hi Maureen:

Having grown up in Ottawa, Canada where we did nothing but snow shoveling for six months out of every year, I'm almost tempted to say that your hospital stay is the silver lining of the cloud (lol)...but you got the right attitude there and so does your doc...it got you out of snow shoveling and it's just another bump in the road. Hope you feel better soon.

Monika, who now lives in Southern California and would absolutely freak if snow fell from the sky...what is that stuff??? :-) :-)

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Nothin ta worry about Maureen.
"Hey Sponger---you hold her down mate while I go look for my pipe cleaners"
Speakin of tha sponge?????---Has he gorn fishin again?

OOOPS--sorry Maureen, I digressed-where was we??
Hey--you get better soon sweetie. Kanga n Jen are hoping you improve with no more complications,
luv from us both.

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I love your ATTITUDE! Keep it up. You are one strong woman. Not going to let any obstruction get you down. Your surgeon is right. Just another bump in the road which you appear to be handling with style and grace. Keep us updated.
PS Here in northern VT we got maybe 3". I swear, since we've moved here CT and MA have gotten way bigger snow storms than they ever got when i lived there.

Hang in!

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Hi Mo,
I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble, sheesh what a story just to get out of shoveling though! I hope you are feeling better. I have heard that this happens pretty often. You sound in good spirits, so I won't attempt any bad jokes (smile). I am thinking of you.

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hey mo,

Hope the bump gets flattened out quickly. I would think you are excempt from any shoveling until spring!!!

Glad your spirits are good.

The snow is past my waist here in Minnesota. FUN!

peace, emily who is home sick with the flu cough cough

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Dear Maureen,

I'm amazed at your spirit. I'm so sorry about the obstruction. I had one of those and they are not fun! Hopefully, it will resolve on its own quickly. Keep us posted.

Thinking of you,


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Mo...Had one of those obstructions myself after surgery. Learned not to eat cantelope and salami! Luckily, the Barium CT drink knocked things loose. I had one more slight obstruction at home, nursed that through by eating only Cream of Wheat for a couple of days. When youre colon is touched, it reesponds by shutting down for awhile. You will get through this as well. Just eat gently and move around as much as you can (walking). Hope you see improvement soon!

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oh maureen - that really SUCKS!!! thankfully those pass - I hope it clears soon.

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