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Writing a book, advice?

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Hi there! I am brand new to this site, but not to providing emotional support to someone with cancer. My uncle has been living with squamous cell carcinoma for about twenty years now, though I've only known him for five. He had a laryngectomy about fifteen years ago, so I learned about his experience with cancer immediately. He is now battling three stage IV tumors, and though he is currently asympomatic, his doctor is reluctant to predict his life expectancy beyond Winter 2005.

My aunt is his primary caregiver, and I am close with both of them. Though I live and work in a different city, I have tried to be available to them to help with the little things that get put on hold - groceries, caring for their pets, mowing the lawn, etc - because of health issues. I would like to think that I have been an emotional support for the both of them.

I have recently decided to write a book about my aunt and uncle, as they are two of the most inspirational figures in my life. At this time, I am researching groups such as CSN to get a better feel for what the process means to those living with and fighting cancer, as well as that of their caregivers. This has the secondary benefit of helping me prepare to be an emotional support for my aunt once my uncle has passed away.

I plan to post excerpts from my manuscript to my CSN personal website as I write them, and these will include my experiences, as well as those of my aunt and uncle. But in order to do that, I'll need YOUR INPUT as well as theirs!

My basic question for you is this: What advice/information would you find helpful/inspirational if you or a loved one had just been diagnosed?

Basic bio: I am nearly 22 years old, and a recent graduate of Dominican University. The decision to write this book is a recent one. Until this year, I was too heavily involved with undergraduate work and family to consider such a project, but I am convinced it is part of God's calling for me. My aunt and uncle deserve to have their story told, as do so many others in this community. I am SO EXCITED to be doing this!

I can't wait to hear from you. Please feel free to contact me at GrammarGeek -at- gmail -dot- com.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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