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looking for some advice

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My mom is having a radical vulvectomy the first week in february. I am looking for information on what to expect afterwards. I can't really find anything on the web about pain, etc. after surgery. I am a full-time student and mother, but I will be her caretaker after surgery. I will be staying with her and commuting 3 hours to school twice a week. Which, doesn't bother me; it's my mom! But I was wondering if anyone can give me any advice on what to expect, I know everyone heals differently, but I would like a heads up. So if anyone has had a radical vulvectomy please help me with some information. I feel like I am losing my mind! I appreciate all and any help anyone could give me.

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Hi! I'm sorry that yout mom's going through this. I'm 51 and had radical vulvectomy a little over a year ago. I know of a good site where you can get lots of informations and get in contact with others. Please check it out. It has helped me and many others many times. Your mom's blessed for having a daughter like you.



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