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Bad News for Griff.....

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Hello Semi-Colons....
Well I got my test results back today and the three spots(nodules, tumors, lesions)on my right lung are malignant. I'm to see the oncologist tomorrow to set up a plan of action. They are recommending surgery while they are still small. They said radiation can only be used on vital organs once. Has anyone else heard this? Of course there will be more chemo(just when my hair was starting to grow well)but for how long he doesn't know! BUMMER DAY!!!! :-(
Just wanted to share with you guys..........Does this mean I can't be a semi-colon anymore?

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Hey Griff...Sorry for the bad news. This cancer stuff just plain sucks. Stay focused on the positive: your doctors taking an aggressive attack against this thing; the growths are still small; your hair will grow back; and you have a lot of friends here.

Which brings us to the next topic: Once you're part of this family, there's no turning back. Kinda' like the mafia: You've been kissed on both "cheeks" (sorry, I couldn't resist).

Stay strong and let us know how things go


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Hey all you semi-colons,

I saw the oncologist and I see the surgeon on Tuesday. Thank you all for the kind words of encouragement and caring. You know we are all a special group of people. Thank you Bud for the info, and all of you for your wonderful concern. I am on a mission to kick the crap, I'm graduating in May come hell or high water. I have been two years now trying to get this college thing done and I'm so close now I can feel the cap and gown. Keep me in your prayers as I will all of you in mine!!! You guys ROCK!!!!

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You are stuck with us! I agree that by using surgery while the spots are still small will greatly increase the chance for success. Take each day as it comes. You CAN get through this...as I always say (don't be shy, you all know the words!) FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!

One more thing you'll notice...we're all pretty closely knit here, and once a member, always a member!


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cheers on three years ned.
all the best

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I agree, semi-colon status is permanent!
Yea, your body can only handle so much radiation... radiation itself can cause other cancers later on. I had a lung met removed last May, it wasn't so bad. I can tell you more later. I agree, get the surgery while they are small; the longer you wait, the more micro disease can grow.
Try to stay strong. jana

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Hi Griff,
So sorry to hear these test results. I hope your meeting with the oncologist goes well. Of course you are still a semi-colon. And, a Dragon Slayer!! Sending positive thoughts your way.

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hey griff,
sorry to hear the news. your drs are fighting this agressively. good luck with the treatments.and


all the best

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Hey Griff, Sorry also to hear the news but you are strong & seems like the best is working on you, Hang in there and my prayers are out there. This C-stuff sucks. but you are going to do it! Best wishes

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Hey Griff, just thinkin about bein "hung out to dry" is just NOT on here!!!!Once you become a "semi-colon" or "semi-colo-carer" you are considered part of tha family--here for the duration!! Sorry your news is not good but keep battling. There is always room for improvement!!
luv kanga n Jen

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I will add you to my prayer list.

If they are willing to do surgery, I would do it.

Good luck


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Hi Griff,

As others have said, you will always be a semi-colon. The fact that the doctor can operate is good. I hope that the surgery and the chemo will wipe out the nodules.

Thinking of you,


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Griff: Ask your onc about IMRT-(targeted radiation)
I understand that it can be done unlimited times with minimal tissue damage. There are a number of centers around the country that do IMRT. You might also call 1-800-4-cancer; they will take your information and send you all the current trials for which you are eligible. Bud

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Dear Griff,

I'm sorry for the bad news. It simply sucks, sucks, sucks... Allow yourself to be sad, mad, whatever and then get ready to fight. Surgery, go for the surgery. I had back to back thoracotomies, they removed 20 lesions and I didn't notice a thing. I found the lung surgery to be MUCH easier than the APR. Get them while they're small. Chemo is also no party, but you will get through this. Be good to yourself and let others love you. Focus on the positive. Life is what we are all fighting for, so we may as well enjoy it!

Come here anytime and keep us posted.

Be well,

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Andrae, I love your positive energy. And Griff, I'm just so sorry about your diagnosis. But we all know how to fight this thing, by doing it one day at a time. And by enjoying the moments that can be enjoyed.

I wish you courage.

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