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To all our wonderfull friends here we thank you for your condolences and prayers. I have been busy trying to keep Jen occupied and so have been a little slack posting here. She is coping ok. The saddest thing Jen is dealing with is a rift in her family. It is over very trivial "past" things and some of you, no doubt, have had similar experiences. Jen's sister was somewhat estranged from her. In fact my side of the family is similar....most of the rift caused by both our stepfathers. Put it all together with my health situation and the strain begins to show.
Both our sadness is caused by knowing that these "rifts" never needed to be...it is just so stupid.-----that is the really sad part!!!
Jen will be fine guys....she has the earlier "good" memories to remember.
Luv to you all, Ross and Jen

.....now I must spend some time looking over the postings I have missed.

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Kanga and Jen,I am so sorry for your loss. I haven't been around so please excuse the lateness of this post.

My heart goes out to you. Please give each other a great big hug from me. The trivial past can be very painful at a time like this. It will pass.

I am again, so sorry for your guys. GOD bless.

All my love, Barb

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Kanga and Jen...I'm very sorry to hear your news. And I apologize for being so slow in keeping up with all that's going on. Ross, I know Jen is strengthened by your support and love. I hope you both can find comfort in each other.

Take care.


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It is always amazing the way losses such as you have had send ripples through so many ohter issues in your lives. I hope you find some of these are resolvable and from your losss something good may arise if old tensions can be put to rest.
My thoughts are with you at this time and I hope you conserve your energies to support each other through this.

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