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CSN Colorectal discussion group recommended

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Happy Day everyone!! I just wanted to share that I recommended this message board to a couple of people that are currently going through chemo and having a rough time of it. You all are a super bunch and a great comfort to us new to the block! I hope you all have a wonderful day and wish you all the best of health! When I have one of those days I like to come on here and read the notes you all post.It's an inspiration for me and I do enjoy it!!

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There must be hundreds of folk out there in the world Griff that could benefit from being here too. I know from my experience here in the past 17 months that there is no substitute for being able to come here and share EVERYTHING.

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Griff....The semi-colons are a great group of people, aren't they?


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Howdy, and boy I am sure glad I stumbled into this spot, because it does answer things on the peoples basis, and I to have shared this site or at least told friends I go here to share my thoughts worries etc.Even just reading all the others helps! Kudos to you too, because we need each other............Amy

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