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My surgery is over, I am almost home

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Hi everyone. I cannot believe my surgery is over. I am still in the hospital (surgery was Friday.) I found this computer in the ICU waiting area and figured out how to get on. Last nite they stopped my IV fluid, took out the epidural, and the foley catheter. Everything is working well. The colostomy bag was changed yesterday. Already my butt feels better. If things go as planned, I will be going home after lunch. Yes, I am eating regular food, no restrictions. I have staples and a drain that will be removed before I go home.

Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes.

I will catch up on all the posts when I get home.

PS My daughter booked us to go on a cruise in March. I can't wait.


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Wonderful news! It sounds like it all went very well and with your positive attitude, life will now improve for you rapidly. I bet you are really looking forward to the cruise!

Love, Ali

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Great news. You are a fast healer and will no doubt be up and enjoying that cruise in March. I'm so glad this is behind you (pun intended)! Take care.



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So happy to hear from you. I knew things would go well (i know, easy for me to say). You keep up the good work. I know you'll be adjusting more quickly than you ever thought to your new friend. Do you plan to give him/her a name?
Sounds like you'll be heading on your cruise just after I return from St Johns. Sounds like a perfect reward for what you've gotten yourself through.
Love, Mary

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Congratulations !!

Thats fantastic!
My mom had the same surgery and it was truly amazing how fast she got back on her feet - you will be up and running before you know it !


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Hi Maureen,
Cracking into hospital computers, eh? You must be feeling good! What great news and it's good to hear how upbeat you sound.
Continued wishes for your recovery. The cruise sounds great...now there's something to look forward to. We are planning to head to Canada for our winter vacation; where's our brains?
Judy, from outside of Boston at -2
(wonder how Em is holding up in the nation's freezer section?)

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Hi Maureen,
I'm happy to hear your doing well. The cruise sounds great!

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Maureen, I am so happy for you. I believe you will feel much better. You deserve it. Keep in touch.
Love ya, Judy

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Hey Maureen!!!!Wow!!!----you seem so pleased and relieved I could scarcely hold the tears back...true!!!We are so happy for you!!!!

Warning!!!!!......anyone intending to have surgery....do NOT tell Maureen which hospital!! Seems she has a fetish with hospital equipment and could cause all manner of untold chaos to Pets, CT's, Mri's etc etc---not to mention substituting saline IV's with luny huice...he! he!

Luv yah gal---get your butt home sweetie, kanga n Jen

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Hey Maureen....Great News!!! When your butt is happy--everyone's happy! Enjoy the cruise, and take photos for all to see!


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Dear Maureen,
I am so glad to hear that you are doing so well. God bless you sweetie! I am still praying for you and thinking of you. Get home and start packing for that cruise. I am really glad you are well.

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HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep dreaming about the cruise!

Glad to hear all went well. Thinking of you often. jana

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