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my surg is tomorrow

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hey all. first off like to say to kanga and jen i am soooooo sorry for your loss. know that i will keep you in my prayers. i will having my first surg in the morning tomarrow. the second one will be probably monday but he said he will see how im doing. the reason it was put off cuz a few things showed up in my pet and they were neg so surgery is on. thank all of you for keeping me and my family in your prayers. i dont know if i can keep in touch thru this, but i will see if someone can. i am not looking forward to the pain but this may be a chance to conquer this once and for all. May the Lord have mercy on me. take care all of you and i will try to keep you updated. i am still at mayo. take care and Gods blessings to you all.


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God bless you and keep you. Everything is going to be alright. Do not be afraid. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I am sending the big mojo so lookout! Love and hugs to you sweetie.

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hey nettie,
i hope everything goes well tomorrow and it will
stay positive and be well.
all the best

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Dear Nettie,

You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers in the days to come. I'm so glad that things are workng out in your treatment plan.

Heal well,


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hey there sweetie.. I've been thinking of you, quite a bit. You sound great!! Best of luck with the surgery... you are doing it all right. Keep your attitude up and you will heal just fine. You are young and "healthy" and can fight!

Hope your family is doing OK too. Keep us in touch as best you can. I'm sending all sorts of good wishes your way.
take care, jana

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Nettie -

I know you're not looking forward to the pain after surgery, but as we say at the gym, "No pain, no gain." You're going to do OK.

We'll be waiting to hear how you fared - and we'll all keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Be well, nettie.

- Bob

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Hoping for an uneventful, quick recovery for you!

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i will keep you in my prayers. Stay strong, you will be fine and we'll be looking forward in hearing from you once you feel up to it.


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