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My brother-in-law had a Colonoscopy last Monday. Polyps removed and results back with Cancer in one. Doctor said he is confident and that he removed polyp and stem, He suggests a Colonoscopy again in six months. We want him to go now for another opinion. What do some of you suggest?

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Hi Cindy,
A second opinion never hurts, especially if it helps to ease your mind somewhat. Finding out that you've had a cancer in your body scares the heck out of a person and getting as much professional opinion as possible certainly helps to deal with it. Good luck,... Carl

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Dear Cindy,

I'm not sure, but I had a friend who had polyps removed and came back positive and he had a colectomy. I think a second opinion is in order. When it comes to malignancy, you DO NOT want to play around. Not to scare you, but one free cancer cell can wreak a lot of damage.

Good luck, be well and air on the side of caution!

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Hi.. if you all are concerned, definately see another doctor. But FYI, if the polyp was indeed removed with completely clear margins without cancer invading beyond the stem... it is good news.
Hang in there.. thank goodness your brother-in-law had the colonoscopy!

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Second opinions are always a reassurance and offer a little help in the decision process. Good luck to you and your family!!

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