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Will get the results the 19th

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Hi all, I had my CT Scans done today and didn't get sick on the barium, Thank God. They gave me ativan and phenergan and that seemed to do the trick. Will see my surgeon on the 19th and he'll give me the results of biopsy and CT then and then he said we'd work out a new plan of treatment. Waiting is going to be very hard. I read something a little while ago that helps, though. "Worry doesn't improve the future, it only ruins the present" So I'm going to try and stay busy and think positive thoughts. Please continue prayers
Love and prayers, Judy

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Hello Judy:
Prayers for you won't stop. Enjoy the weekend- keep busy doing everything that you love and try not to think of the 19th until the 19th...and if you do- think of the positves -that you both will work out a new treatment plan...and that the treatment plan will work-
Judith/Bev/Eagle (I answer to all 3)

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I have faith that you will once again get through this. Waiting sucks...but all things worth having are worth waiting for...except for chocolate...and cool shoes (or Ugg boots)...

Anyway...fingers are officially crossed, and you will be in my thoughts...


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Hang in there Judy. I have you in my thoughts and prayers. You sound so good and upbeat! I hope things are a little smoother.

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Chill Judy!!!!Don't cross tha bridge til you get to it sweetie!! Did my second email come thru ok babe???? I hope so.
loving huggs, Ross n Jen

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Hey Ross, You second email came through fine. Thanks for the rainbow. I needed it today more than ever. Maybe that's why it didn't go through the first time. Thanks for being there.
Love, Judy

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Hi Judy, Iwish God speed in the time you have to wait, and we all know the waiting is the hardest, keep your thought & hands busy, really, bake or go out, rent a movie something, get on the phone also call those people that say"Call me" I do. It does help and you don't have to leave the house. God bless and thinking about you.

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