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Test results are in

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Hi to my friends!!!!!

As some of you know, I am stage IV colorectal cancer (mets to liver and lung) dx in March or 2004. I began chemo immediately (folfox 6 with avastin) and had good tumor shrinkage the first 3-6 months. After that, everything plateaued and I kept getting chemo. It got very hard and after lots of reading (chemo brain and all) and research, I chose to stop the chemo and try a more natural approach with the help of a Naturopathic Doctor. I started my new diet stuff November 14th of last year and just had my very first CT scans and bloodwork done.

Since I have only been on my new regime for 2 months and considering my mets, I wanted a miracle, but realistically knew that was not going to happen.

I got what I perceive as excellent results today. No change in the tumors at all. My bloodwork is the best it has been since I started chemo. My white blood cell count went from 5.6 to 9.8. And almost all of the the other blood counts improved as did the mineral levels.

I feel the best I have in a very long time and am very pleased with the results. My onc. is very calm and it is hard to get a read on him but I sensed he was pleased too. I don't go back to see him for 3 more months, tax day April 15th (unless something weird happens).

I am so relieved and now very tired. I was so scared and nervous as you all can relate too. Now I am waiting for the sun to set, so I can go to bed.

I haven't been very diligent in my routine today but will get right back to it tomorrow and really hit this thing full throttle. I have 3 months to make a difference. The cancer did not ravage my insides in 2 months and will now have a hard time penetrating my spirit again.

Now, I can concentrate on the reunion in Mississippi!!!!!!!

BTW, my CEA dropped from 5.1 to 3.9 while not getting the chemo. Given the responses to my posts earlier this week, I have no idea how to intepret that. It was 35 in March of 2004.

Hugs to you all and Kerry, I am celebrating with you honey!!!!!

Emily, thank you dear for all your support while I have done this. Bud, SB, Kanga, Lisa Rose, Stacy, Kerry, MJay, Tara, Jana and so many others, my bestest hugs and thanks to you too!!!!! The very best thing I did when I found out I have cancer was come here to be with you all. I love it and need it. You all are so smart and informative. Thank You more then you will ever know!!!!!

Lisa P.

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Lisa P...

I cannot tell you how overjoyed I am with your results. I wish I could just give you a big ole hug right now (guess I can wait a couple weeks, though!)

That is so awesome. And to hear you talk about cancer not invading your spirit again makes me so happy. You are not only holding the dragon at bay; you are beating him back.

COngratulations! You and Scout and Lil Hagrid throw a nice party and drink some serious beet juice!

See ya soon. I'm so happy for you!

- Bob

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Posts: 1976
Joined: Apr 2004

Thank you Bob.

I'm not sure I have ever called you that, but you know you live in my heart buddy. I have now had a day to let the results sink in and rest up. I really needed to rest some. This disease sucks so bad, I am elated I could provide some needed good news. I promise that I will work on the reservations for the trip tomorrow. I have just chilled today and watched my Tar Heels get beat, but no big deal there. At least I can remember the game this year!!!!!!

Scout and Lil Hagrid send hugs to you too honey!!!!

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Oh honey, you know I am right there with you, praying for all good things. Maggie Mae sends her kisses too. Your progress sounds so good.

I have begun really getting into a good regimen of eating better, exercising more and becoming more watchful of my overall well being. See, Em, we all do listen to you!

Hang in there Lisa. I sure do wish I could make the Mississippi reunion. I'll be there in spirit and probably a phone call or two. Kay and I'll try to get together in Austin and call all of you!

Best wishes and all good stuff to you, Lisa!


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Joined: Apr 2004

Hi there Kerry and kisses to Ms. Maggie Mae (you know I hear the Rod Stewart song everytime I look at her photo that you sent me.

I think about you every day too honey and pray for you also. We all deserve so much better then the realities the ******* cells give us. I may have given up chemo, but I will never give up my fight against the *******. I am keeping it guessing, just waiting for it to make a wrong move.

Hugs darling,

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Hi Lisa,

Congratulations on wonderful results. How relieved you must feel. It is so draining waiting for results. Now you can relax and know that you made the correct decision in stopping treatment.

I applaud your spirit and your courage.

Have a great time in Mississippi.



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Posts: 1976
Joined: Apr 2004

And a big ole hello to you too Kay, We haven't chatted much, but I always enjoy your posts. I can't wait to hear you and Kerry's voices while we are in Miss.

I wish we could all meet in person one day and you know what....we just may. You never know.

Hugs back at you honey!!!!

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Hi Lisa P~

Can't tell you how happy I am for you! And how excited I was to hear your news especially since I just made that same decision recently.

You go Girl!!!!



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I was hoping you read my post. You and I have a bond now and will forever!!!!!!

Thank you and keep the faith girlfriend!!!!

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Fantastic news!! Would love to hear about your alternative regime- I'm sure the decision to give up Chemo was not an easy one and it is wonderful to hear that for you it was the right decision.

Judith/Bev/Eagle (I'm just one person but answer to all 3 names since it appears that I have used each of them in my posts? Wheww- and I thought it was my hubby who was supposed to have "chemo brain"... can you get it by osmosis???

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Joined: Apr 2004

Yes honey, chemo brain is contagious. You seem to really be getting the hang of things with us crazy folks. I would prefer to call you by the name you like the most and all the ones you listed is just too much to type!!!!!

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Joined: May 2004

YAHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooo happy for you.

Definately keep us posted. Posts like yours give me hope and make me smile... thanks for sharing.

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Joined: Apr 2004

Hey Jana!!!!!

I really appreciate your words. I really liked your post about who you friends are. You know you are in my heart now girlfriend and let's keep it that way.

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Joined: Sep 2003

Yea Lisa Yea! Go Lisa Go! That is awesome, awesome, news my friend. A BIG congratulations and a HUGE hug:) That is incredible! Enjoy yourself, enjoy the trip and keep up the fabulous work. I am so very, very happy for you!!!

Lots of love,

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Joined: Apr 2004

Oh my dear Andrea, you are so awesome yourself. I plan on being at your ceremony in 7 years so you had better work your tail (SB will love that comment) off, so we can all be there in our purple outfits. We might all just flash you when you get your degree!!!!!

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You go celebrate!!!

I am so very proud of you. I am celebrating right along side of you girl!!

You have an awesome testimony going and as each month goes by it gets better and better. Pretty soon you'll be up there with Stacy for awesome Stage 4 testimonies!! Maybe you'll get famous too! :-)

I am so very happy for you (and me heehee).

peace, emily who will just keep encouraging everyone here GET A JUICER!!!! :-)

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Posts: 1976
Joined: Apr 2004

My dear Emily,

You had better be celebrating since you are the main reason I am where I am today. As you can tell by the time of this post, I am really enjoying my good news.
I am honored to be included in the same sentence as our own stellar "girl", Stacy. I have a huge way to go to get to that point, but your message gives me hope, as yours always do.

I don't want to get famous quite honestly. I didn't even know Stacy was famous until recently. Sure, she is about the most awesome human being I know today and I am honored to be included with her name, but I want to shop with no one bugging me.

Champion juicers are great, but seriously folks, find someone to help you with the alternatives if you want them. Don't try to do it alone. You can take too many "healthy pills", so they are not effective.

Time for bed again honey, you are my bestest girl now!!!!! OKAY, I will share you with Art, since he is your husband. Just be sure to thank him for giving us you!!!!

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Lisa..honey...sweetie...darlin...dearest gal--geeeeezzzzz--any more n Jen 'll get jealous--lol!!!!
So glad you are so on top of things babe. Don't forget to check your letter box this week!!!
You are awesome kiddo...oh..n by the way, seeing as you are in such good cheer you better get the camera loaded n packed 'cos we want some real outrageous pics of you guys at the reunion.
luv n huggs......Ross n Jen

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I started reading some of the posts this past week since I received an email from a very special friend. I haven't read to many but I read yours and I am so happy for you!!!

Please fight this monster with everything you have!!!! You will beat this!!

Best wishes and keep up the good work!!!!


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Lisa Rose
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Hi Lisa,

I loved our phone call yesterday, see ya in Biloxi...

Baby Lisa

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