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ok, call me stupid but.....

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Joined: Jan 2005

what is NED?


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no evidence of diease - a wonderful thing :)

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Hi Gina,
NED means No Evidence of Disease, and it's definitely not stupid on your part not knowing. I've been at this for 11 years and still don't know what half of these terms mean. It's good that you asked, and there's alway someone here that can answer most of your questions.

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Until I found out it's realy meaning, I called it NUCLEAR EXPLOSICE DIARREAH when I was on chemo.

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Well, NED could also be a reference to a 1950's SitCom about a singing mule.

You see this guy, Norbert, had a mule who could sing. He would talk to her and she would answer back in song. They had to keep that all very hush-hush, though lest people think Norbert was crazy. The show starred Jennifer Aniston's mom as the voice of Ned. Robert Goulet played Norbert.

The show only lasted one season (although you can catch it on Nick at Night now at 3 AM along with the Coast Guard recruiting commercials). Folks attribute the show's short life to ABC's spin-off called Mr. Ed (a total copy) and the fact that TV audiences of the 1950s just weren't ready for a singing mule that just chatted with a man and didn't vacuum in a house dress. Robert Goulet was actually discovered in his role as Norbert and was called by the casting director for Camelot shortly after NED wrapped.

But here, they're probably talking about the no evidence of disease thing.

- SB

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Ok, SB - you really have too much time on your hands right now. A singing Mule??? How do you remember that stuff. The chemo has fried my brain - I'm lucky to remember what I did 5 minutes ago.

I always love reading your comments - you made my day!


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Well, as you know, I WAS engaged to Jennifer Anniston. There was NED memorabilia all over her mother's house.

Actually, I just made it all up - except for the part about me being engaged to Jennifer Anniston, of course.

- SB (remember what that spells backward)

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See!!!!I told yah Spedtek...there is the seriuos side on the board but also the loop fruits!!(ozzie slang for fruit loops..a brekky cereal here which only people who are totally bent eat!)
Which means that some of us..no mentioning any names, Bob..he he!...are beyond help(mentally).

As far as the singing mule goes I thought Eddie Murphy had top billing?????
Sponger......you're "dreamin again"

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