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Kinda new here, can I be a semi-colon too?

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Greetings, and I have been reading alot here in the last week, I too a colon ca paient, just want to join your group. You all have such great spirit and courage, as do I am am going to try & beat this. Can I become a Semi-colon groupie? Love to. My wishes are with all of you

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Hiya Amy from kanga n Jen in OZ. Of course you can join us Amy, no discrimination here. I seem to remember you posting only recently. I have been coming here for over 12 months and as you can see am still here. Sorry, it may have been a bit remiss of us not to notice you. We have an incredibly large family here....geezzz...I keep running out of printer ink just trying to keep my files up to date. You will find plenty of support here so there is plenty of scope for venting frustrations etc. Don't forget that at times we all have a humorous side too.....it kinda helps break the ice. It is always difficult trying to feel accepted in forums but I am sure you will see that that is not the case here.
Although one wonders how some of us males are accepted considering we are probably outnumbered!!!!..lol!!
Tell us a little about yourself Amy....don't be bashfull about it. Nothing "personal" or considered "taboo" outside of CSN is kept under the carpet here. As you have already read some postings you will notice that even the very intimate of subjects are spoken of. No matter what you want to ask or talk about here there will be plenty of answers.
Oh---just don't ask me or SpongeBob about menopause!!!!!Our experience in that field is limited....although I could always ask my lovely wife, Jen.
Reading some of our personal webpages is a help and it is usefull to develop your own.
See you soon, luv n huggs(everyone gets them),kanga(Ross) n Jen

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Hey guys...WOW!!!!!.....I got to post first again!!!
Sorry to digress Amy...it's just that with our time differences I am always late posting.

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Welcome and of course you can join- it certainly is n't closed forum. Do tell us abit about yourself though- age, what you like, what your experience of having htis has been like- we are all here to learn from and to support each other and I am sure yo have a valuable to contribution to offer.

KAnga- its great that us 'foreigners' get to be first to post some times. Helped by night owls posting at 2am over the pond there!


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Ahoy, Amy!

Good to hear from you again. I remember you posting a week or so ago. Glad to have you as part of our family!

Regarding what Kanga said about we guys being outnumbered... heck, that's part of the reason Kanga, steved, Bud (Nanuk) and I came here!!

Seriously, though - this is a great group of souls and this is a great place to come, get info, vent, chat, joke and LAUGH. We're all about all of those things.

BTW, I'm hosting the first annual Semi-Colon Family Reunion in Biloxi, Mississippi in a couple of weeks - you and your's are more than welcome.

Kanga & Steve - You definitely have the time zone advantage, mates! I'm an early bird, but you blokes will get me every time!

Cheers - and WELCOME, Amy

- SpongeBob

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Hi Amy,

Welcome, you are an official "semi-colon". Sorry you have to be here, but it is the best site to find answers, comfort, prayers and lots of good laughter. Please feel free to share your experiences, it helps us get to know you better and then help you through your battle with this disease. I've been at this site for about 1 1/2 years - it is the best.

So I will join the guys in welcoming you aboard.

As Kanga said, think of setting up your personal web page, it helps you tell your story and you can put in a photo too! Let us know when it is set up. Several of us have web sites, so you might want to visit them.

Best of luck to you and we'll look forward to hearing from you often.

Best wishes,


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Greetings, Amy!

I'm one of the shyer, less frequent posters on this site but even so, it has been a great source of comraderie and advice for me. Nothing like being in the club! I was diagnosed last summer (stage III with 6 lymph nodes) and am now 3/4 of the way through Folfox 6 (oxalyplatin, leukevorin, 5FU). It has certainly not been fun but all in all not so bad either, not anywhere near as dreadful as I'd anticipated. Anyway, I wish you courage and hope, and you'll get support for both here. Welcome!

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Amy, welcome aboard!!! Sorry you had to come here, but glad to have you join. Give us a little more info if you want.... so we can truly get to know you.
Hope all is going well. jana

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C'mon in Amy. Join the club. The more the merrier!! This site has been a godsend to me... I am sure it will be a help to you too!!



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Hi Amy, Glad that you've joined our group, but not glad about the cancer, but these guys have been what keeps me going. Them and my family. They are very informative and we're all in this together. So, join in. I know you'll love it.
Love and prayers, Judy

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Hi Amy,
You are so welcome here. I am sorry that you have the credentials but glad to have you here. These guys are wonderful. You will love them. Good luck to you.

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Hey Steve......"foreigners"????lol!!
My ancestors...probably from Wales.....more than likely were "convicts" sent out to "new holland....Terra Australis" . That means I am probably a descendant....long lost, far removed from the UK that probably stole a loaf of bread..sentenced to "hard labour" to the penal colony at Port Arthur, Tasmania.
..........wonder if that has anything to do with pregnancy????lol!
Sponger......there must be a lady somewhere warming to your humorous and "charming" wit????lol!
Ooops--sorry Bev....I digress.

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