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Thanks for the welcome

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Hello everyone and a big thank you for the welcome. My "best half" was diagnosed with stage 111 (2 of 10 nodes)at the time of his resection (temp ileostomy) after waiting close to a year for a diagnosis (4 months to see a gastroenterologist and another 7 months before a colonoscopy. (then waiting 2 months for surgery)He is close to finishing up round 2 of 5FU/leucovorin...2 more rounds to go. This site has been remarkable seeing how supportive you all are to each other- and the sharing of information is outstanding. I consider it an honour to be welcomed to the board- thank you Lisa Rose for taking the time for your post.

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I love the way you say "best half", if we could all think that way...
Being in Canada also (Im in BC) I can certainly relate to the very long waiting times for specialists etc. It is very true that the squeaky wheel gets the oil. It took my father about a year to be diagnosed. In the same year he became legally blind waiting for cataract surgery. The one thing (actually there have been many) that I've learned from this group is that as soon as something doesn't seem right, as soon as you think it's a side effect or symptom, get it checked out. No one else can advocate better for you or your spouse better than yourself.
Good luck with the treatments I'll keep you in prayer,

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Welcome to our group. You can ask any questions here. There is alot of support here.


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hi bev,
welcome to our family of survivors and caregivers.
we are here through good and bad. to get each other through anything that comes our way.
again welcome and post.
all the best

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Welcome to our board. I couldn't have survived this year without them. So many great people, in one place, though very far apart. But....I feel like they're my family. You will too. They are great. Welcome to our group!!!
Love, Judy(grandma047)

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Good to have you here with us, Bev. You'll enjoy the exchanges and learn from all who post.


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Welcome Bev, This is the greatest family. Lots of support, information, humor and friendship.


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Hi Bev, and welcome,
I was glad to hear your description of your "best half" cause when I first glanced at your web name, I read it as "one eagle swings". Sorry, I do like the real meaning better.
Good luck to hubby on the last 2 rounds. I had the same chemo, and it went relatively well. Keep us posted. Judy

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You are very welcome Bev. "betta half?".....Yup, guess that says it all...he he!....Jen, pay attention gal!....THUMP!!BELT!!! awww Jen?
I did 5fu/leuc. Bev so if the "betta arf" has any questions don't hesitate.
Here's a few song lyrics for you;

On the wings of an eagle I find myself
Lifting to the sky,
Lifting to the sky for all to see,
On the wings of an eagle I find myself , lifting to the sky, lifting to the sky for all to see.
Can you see me, can you see me-eeeeeeee!!!!

Watch over us while flying Bev, cloud nine is there to keep your spirits up....good news always to you and your "betta half"
luv n huggs, kanga n Jen

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