Biopsy tomorrow

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Hi all, My surgeon was as worried as my chemo doctor. He has scheduled a biopsy for tomorrow morning at 8a EST. Please say a prayer. He said I probably wouldn't have the results until Tuesday. The waiting game is hard. I kept trying to tell them that something wasn't right there. When will doctors ever listen??????


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    Judy I have been off this site for few days because of work so have just caught up on your progress and difficulties. It must just feel like an endless journey of being knocked down time and time again for you. You are showing incredible strength in facing all of this and I really respect you for that.

    I was very worried when I read yor post of the 7th of this month whne things appeared to get incredibly chaotic and difficult for you. It really sounds like you hit rock bottom and couldn't see a way out. I hadn't realised that you have bipolar disorder as this is another complication you really don't need at the moment. As a psychiatrist myself I can appreciate how this can complicate so many aspects of your treatment and how you cope with it.

    It is going to be vital for you to stay on top of that over the next wee while. Stress such as you are under can easily destabilise bipolar and precipitate either a manic or a depressive episode. Certainly your night of taking an overdose and being chased by the cops does sound like things aren't as stable as they could be. I would certainly suggest it may be best to see your regular psychiatrist and discuss through options with him. If you are on lithium the absorption of this may be affected by the colostomy and even some chemo drugs so levels should be monitored more closely. If your mood is going high it may also be necessary to review your antidepressants.

    Either way it is something that you don't need getting out of control just at the moment so be proactive about staying on top of it. Feel free to email mne if you want to talk any more about this but now is not the time to be without a psychiatrist so please do seek out seeing one that knows your situation well.

    Anyway, keep feeling free to use this site as much as you need and keep up the fighting spirit- this battle isn't lost yet.

    Keep in touch,
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    Judy, You will get through this .
    I will be sending positive thoughts your way.
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    My prayers are certainly with you, Judy. Good luck and hang in there.....your courage has been amazing.
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    Hey Judy....sorry for the late response. Hopefully all goes well for you. Take care.